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When he was young, he sacrificed his hobbies for the sake of his children… Now he is living. Asian old age people going to dancing class


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White hair on the head, wrinkles on the face and slightly bent body. Retired Asian-American couples are seen dancing in ballroom dancing classes in every small and big city in America. Seeing them dancing together like this, their children are also in awe. Throughout their life, these people sacrificed the happiness of their life in the struggle to settle in a new country and in the rush to make their children capable.

While their American counterparts partyed and traveled, the Asians focused on providing for their families. But now that the children are on their feet and they are retired, they are enjoying life by dancing and singing. America’s ballroom dancing classes have become their meeting centers. Because of this, their loneliness is going away.

the children are amazed by the change
The children of these American-Asian elders are amazed and happy with this change. One such youth says- My father told on the phone that mother and he have joined the dance class, so I was stunned. I rarely saw him dancing. My father was very excited. He said – I get tired quickly, but not your mother. I’ll try to do better.

Not only my parents who live in Orange County, my uncles and aunts who live in Texas also take ballroom dancing classes. The generation of our parents is also changing. His confidence has increased. They have become more comfortable and no longer think about what people will think. We love that they are living their life happily.

Whenever we asked him why he didn’t do anything for himself. So they say that it is everything for them to see us moving forward. Now that we have children too, we as parents can understand what a great sacrifice he made for the children.

All Asian-Americans killed in Monetary Park incident
Eleven people were killed in Wednesday’s shooting at a ballroom dancing class in Monetary Park. All of them were Asian-American, whose age is between 56 and 76 years. They had gathered here to celebrate Lunar New Year. The incident has raised questions about the safety of Asian-American elders.

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