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What is a white card in football How It Is Different From Red And Yellow Card


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Saturday 21 January was a very special day in the history of football when the referee showed a white card during a match. Yes, before today, you must have seen the referee showing red and yellow cards to the players due to their behavior on the football field, but never the white card. The quarter final of the Women’s FA Cup in Portugal was played between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica. In this match, when Benfica’s team was leading with a 3-0 lead, the referee used this card in the 45th minute. Let us know the specialty of this card and how it is different from red and yellow card-

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What is white card used in football

In football, red and yellow cards are used for breaking rules and bad behaviour, but white cards are the exact opposite. It is shown in recognition of fair play, which means showing good behavior and sportsmanship. Although till now it is being used only in Portugal.

Portugal has introduced the white card as part of a series of new initiatives in the country to try to ‘improve the morale of the game’. The move was adopted by the Portuguese Football Federation. This new card is in contrast to the red and yellow cards that will be used to discipline players for misconduct.

Why white card was used during Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica match

During the Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica match, the referee showed this white card when medical staff from both teams rushed to help after someone fell ill in the stands. It received a positive reception from the fans at Estadio da Luz, with many applauding and applauding the decision.

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When were red and yellow cards used in football?

The use of red and yellow cards in football was introduced over 50 years ago at the 1970 World Cup in an attempt to reduce the amount of fouls and disruption to the game.

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