Thursday, February 2, 2023
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This country launched the world’s fastest hydrogen train, the speed is 160 kilometers per hour!


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Challenges such as global warming and climate change are forcing humans to shift to resources other than traditional sources of energy such as coal and oil. In this direction, China has also started a train running on hydrogen. Earlier, Germany has also started a train running on hydrogen. This is the second train in the world which will run on hydrogen gas. Here we are giving you information about its speed and what are its features.

hydrogen train China, which started the Hydrogen Train, has now become the second country in the world to have its own hydrogen gas-powered train. It has been made by CRRC Corporation Ltd, a state-run company of China. of new atlas Report According to the speed of this hydrogen train is 160 kilometers per hour. If we talk about its range, then once the gas is full of fuel, it can run up to 600 kilometers. Germany has already started the train and 14 hydrogen trains have been launched in the country. But comparing the speed, China’s train is ahead here. The speed of Germany’s hydrogen train is said to be 140 kilometers per hour.

China CRRC is said to be the world’s largest rail transport manufacturing company. The Chengdu Rail Transit is its first hydrogen rail transit in the country. If we talk about mileage, here China’s train is behind Germany’s hydrogen train because Germany’s hydrogen train can run up to 1000 kilometers in one-time gas fuel. Recently, it was also revealed in the news that the country has increased its range to 1175 km.

Germany was the first in the world to introduce the hydrogen train. These trains were manufactured by the French company Alstom. A fuel cell is used in the train in which hydrogen gas is filled. They are mounted on the roof of the train. When it meets oxygen it forms water. In this process energy is generated which is used to run the train. The special thing about hydrogen energy is that it does not cause air pollution, nor does it cause any kind of noise pollution. <!–


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