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The Competing Narratives The Monterey Park Shooting


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Last A man killed 11 people in a ballroom-dance class this weekend Monterey Park, CaliforniaAnonymous Asian Outside of Los Angeles. ThenIn the hours and forty-eight minutes that followed, he was gone. Half Moon Bay, CaliforniaSeven other men were shot and killed by another man Chinese farmworkers. NotablyBoth of the alleged murderers were older men. Asian backgrounds. While Mass shootings occur with alarming regularity in AmericaThese attacks occurred amid an alarming increase in hate crimes against people of color Asian descent. Jay Caspian Kang, New Yorker The author and staff writer “The Loneliest Americans,” joins Michael LuoTo discuss these two types of journalism, he is the editor at American Our understanding of these troubling events is shaped by violence.

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