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Super 30 Fame Anand Kumar Is Now Padmshree Anand Kumar Were Busy In Teaching Iit Aspirants When Received Call


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Picking up calls one by one till midnight after the announcement of the prize.
– Photo: Amar Ujala


The Padma Awards were about to be announced on Wednesday night, but Super 30 director Anand Kumar’s daily routine was the same during the day as well as at night. When the news of Anand Kumar’s name for the Padma Shri award for education and literature came in the media, he was having dinner with his family at his home in Jakkanpur. An atmosphere of happiness was created in the house in the afternoon itself, because in the afternoon, when he was going to rest for some time after explaining the secrets of the examination to the children preparing for IIT as per his routine, he received a certificate from the Ministry of Home Affairs for this achievement. Information reached.

In whose name Anand Kumar did this achievement, know

Talking to ‘Amar Ujala’ after the announcement of the award, he said that “This award is not in the name of one Anand Kumar. It is also for the mother who made arrangements for the food and living of poor children to fulfill her son’s insistence.” Saw. It is also for the brother, who accepted his elder brother’s plan as the aim of life. It is also for that wife and that child, who always have the same wish that people should always take forward the poor promising children of Anand Kumar. Go to go. Also, this award is also in the name of all the well wishers of Anand Kumar who always saw Super 30 as an honest effort and not a factory.

There will be thousands of critics, but who can stand up to that stubbornness

The Anand Kumar whom the whole world has been honoring on big platforms today, he was once in trouble. In such a way that if you meet someone with the solution of difficult mathematical questions, then there are more people who make fun of him. The film made on ‘Super 30’, an organization made on his primary idea to take the poor promising to IIT, could not show as much as it used to be in reality. Even today he has thousands of critics. But, the reality is that when Anand Kumar thought for the poor promising people, then people living in the caste circle made every effort to break his morale. When the result of those efforts came out for the first time in the form of Super 30 result, Aaj Tak Anand Kumar did not look back. When the Padma Shri award was announced on Wednesday, the whole world came to know. But, Anand Kumar’s family members came to know about it only in the afternoon. Despite this, there was no uproar, whereas if the news had reached his students, celebrations would have started from that very moment. When the announcement was made on Wednesday night, he kept answering every call till midnight. From the neighborhood to his brother’s in-laws, people kept arriving with sweets and he kept accepting everyone’s greetings. The whole family including mother, wife, brother was watching everyone closely in this happiness.

Mathematician as well as editor of international journals

Apart from being a mathematician, Anand Kumar has been the editor of several national and international level journals. their bus The only passion was to prepare poor and capable students for admission in IIT-JEE, After living in Patna’s Yarpur, he has been living in Jakkanpur for decades. Whether an address is found in Jakkanpur or not, Anand Kumar’s house is easily found on asking. He has always had a special place in the hearts of the poor because of educating poor children and making them capable. The early life and education of 50-year-old Anand Kumar was very different from the present. His father was a clerk in the post office. their condition and People have seen Anand Kumar’s struggle to a large extent in the film as well. Huh.

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