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Steel Manufacturers seek to restore electricity subsidy Auto NewsET Auto


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This The drastic drop in industrial growth and production was caused by the end of subsidies.

The Steel Manufacturers Association This is Maharashtra (SMAM). Thursday Restoration of the property was sought power subsidies First given by the Devendra Fadnavis Government to support some areas of the state’s ailing sector in 2019 In 2019: The then BJP-led government began power supply at Rs 5 per unit for Steel units In Marathwada, Vidarbha KhandeshThis relief was however withdrawn. June 23 years, SMAM president Yogesh Mandhani said.

“This scrapping of subsidy led to a drastic fall in industrial growth and production. Now, neighbouring states like Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh provide electricity at Rs 5.25 per unit, while it is Rs 8 per unit in Maharashtra,” He said.

“Due to this, 36 steel units have shut down, and 10 units have shifted base to Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. We want the Eknath Shinde-Fadnavis government to bring back this subsidy to give a boost to the ailing sector,” He claimed.

Steel Manufacturing unit Owner Satish Agarwal The COVID-19 pandemic had also impacted the construction sector, and prices were volatile.

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