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Shinde, Fadnavis Meet Amit Shah; Cabinet Expansion In Maharashtra Soon


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Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 23.37 IST

Shinde Fadnavis We had a separate meeting. ShahTwo BJP leaders attended the sugar sector meeting and said (Image: Twitter/Amit Shah)

There There are currently 20 cabinet members, including ShindeIn the state. The Maximum strength Maharashtra You can have a cabinet up to 43 inches high

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde His deputy Devendra Fadnavis On Tuesday met Union Home Minister Amit Shah amid discussions about expanding the state cabinet.

Shah Was closeted with Shinde Fadnavis His North Block In the office Delhi All BJP leaders met with representatives of the sugar cooperative sectors to discuss sector issues.

“Shinde Fadnavis We had a separate meeting. Shah,” two BJP leaders who attended the sugar sector meeting said.

After the meeting, Shinde told reporters that the expansion of the state cabinet will take place before the budget session of the Maharashtra assembly.

There are currently 20 cabinet ministers, including Shinde, in the state. The maximum strength of the Maharashtra cabinet can be 43.

Asked about the petitions before the Election Commission of the rival factions of Shiv Sena for allotment of the party’s ‘bow and arrow’ symbol, Shinde said he was confident that his group will be recognised as the real Shiv Sena.

“The Election Commission will decide on the issue on the basis of merit. In a democracy there is importance attached to majority. So, we expect a decision based on merit,” Shinde said.

“NowAs per merit, we are at power, in the government, and we have majority. We The rule of law has been established. SoEveryone is aware of the law and merit that will guide their decisions.” Shinde said.

Earlier in Mumbai, Fadnavis said there was no legal or constitutional hurdle in the expansion of the state cabinet and they will try to do it before the upcoming budget session of the legislature.

The budget session will start from February 27, state Assembly Speaker Rahul Narwekar had earlier said.

Shinde became the chief minister with the Bharatiya Janata Party’s support on June 30 last year after a rebellion led by him against the Shiv Sena leadership led to the collapse of the Uddhav Thackeray-headed Maha Vikas Aghadi government.

The revolt had also led to a division in the Shiv Sena, with one faction headed by Thackeray and the other by Shinde.

“The state cabinet will be expanded soon. We started with just two (Shinde and Fadnavis) at the beginning, then added 18 members to our cabinet portfolio. We will add more as well,” CM Shinde ABP regional news channel hosted an event at which she spoke. Majha.

People They want leaders who are willing to work with them and address their concerns. Shinde said.

Responding Ask a question at the event Fadnavis said, “There There is no constitutional or legal hurdle to expanding the cabinet. We It will be done before the state budget session.”

The BJP leader noted that the limited number of cabinet ministers holding multiple portfolios puts pressure on time management during the session of the state legislature, which comprises the Assembly and the Council.

“The state government has already been formed, but some expansion is pending. This government is functional legally and constitutionally,” Fadnavis added.

The Supreme Court Recently, it stated that hearings would be started. February 14 on a series of pleas relating to the Maharashtra Political crisis created by the Shiv Sena’s division, including the one seeking the disqualification of 16 Sena MLAs are from the Shinde camp.

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