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Santos should not be allowed to access classified data Democrats McCarthy


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Two congressional Democrats Frequently Asked Questions House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Wednesday To restrict Republican Rep. George SantosThe scandal-plagued freshman lawmaker argued that he had access to classified information. “cannot be trusted” Confidential materials

“It is clear that Congressman George Santos has violated the public’s trust on various occasions,” Reps. Joseph Morelle Gregory MeeksBoth are available from SantosYour state is your own. New York, McCarthy, in a written statement.

“His unfettered access to our nation’s secrets presents a significant risk to the national security of this country,” The Democrats wrote. “We urge you to act swiftly to prevent George Santos from abusing his position and endangering our nation.”

SantosCNBC reached out to the office but they did not respond immediately to CNBC’s request.

Just Several weeks after he won the congressional race in, November midterms, Santos He admitted lying to key details about his professional and personal history. He Has We apologize for any inconvenience caused “embellished” His resume However, he denies any crime.

But As Meeks Morelle Please note that they have included the following information in their letter Santos Embroiled in international, state, and local disputes Investigating. They Also flagged recently Reporting about Santos”Presumed ties” Figures related to a sanctioned Russian Oligarch is one example of this.

“The numerous concerning allegations about his behavior over decades put his character into question, and suggest he cannot be trusted with confidential and classified information that could threaten the United States’ national security,” The Democrats wrote.

Top GOP officials New York have denounced Santos As a liar & fraud, with a handful of his colleagues Republicans In Congress I have also urged him to resign. For His part Santos Has vowed to finish his two-year term. He believes that the voters in his district should be able to determine his political destiny.

McCarthy, who is slim House Majority SantosHis party has been blatantly critical of the freshman congressman and he is now threatening to leave.

“You know why I’m standing by him? Because his constituents voted for him,” McCarthy stated this to reporters Tuesday. The Republican Leader said Santos Only the would be removed House If the ethics committee finds that he has broken the law,

McCarthy spokespeople did not immediately comment. Democrats’ letter.

The McCarthy-led GOP Steering Committee Last week, the award was presented Santos Spots The following are the Science, Space Technology Committee And the Small Business Committee.

Wednesday’s Let me know if you have any questions. Morelle Meeks McCarthy asked McCarthy to limit SantosAccess to classified materials “including preventing him from attending any classified briefings and limiting his access to such information through his committee assignments.”

The Democrats It was apparent that they acknowledged it Santos Although he was not assigned to any high-profile committees they did note that he could still have access to large amounts of sensitive information.

“As it currently stands, Members are not mandated to have security clearances nor sign a nondisclosure agreement, however, that does not entitle them to unlimited access to classified information,” They wrote.

“Congressman George Santos was assigned to committees whose jurisdiction may pertain to only a portion of our country’s national security and foreign policy agenda, yet this does not stop or inhibit him from requesting a secure briefing or classified documents regarding a breadth of topics at any time,” They said.

Santos’ “untrustworthiness could warrant the Intelligence Community to slow down or limit certain classified information it shares with Congress,” McCarthy was informed by them in the letter.

They argued: “This could have profound implications for the Legislative Branch’s ability to perform its legislative, oversight, and investigative duties over the Executive Agencies’ classified programs.”

The DemocratsThis letter comes amid an increasing controversy over the removal classified documents from secure places by high-profile politicians.

For your legal needs Mike Pence revealed Tuesday that classified Documents were found The former vice president’s website Indiana home. That News was seen as relief. President Joe BidenAfter classified documents were discovered at his office and home, the investigation was intensely scrutinized by him. A special counsel was appointed to investigate.

Last Summer, FBI raids former President Donald Trump’s Florida After the incident, thousands of pages of records were taken home, including many sets of classified documents. Department Of Justice According to the company, it discovered evidence of obstruction during an investigation.

Trump He has declared that he will run for president in 2024. Pence Biden Both are widely believed to be preparing to launch their own campaigns.

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