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Sanjeev Maurya Casting of Trial By Fire: ‘We focused on each character…’ | Web Series


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Casting Director Sanjeev MauryaHe has worked on projects such as The White Tiger, Suitable Boy, Extraction, Angry Indian GoddessesThis video explains how casting works. Trial By Fire It involved a completely new audition process. The team auditioned more than 3500 actors to play the smallest roles in the acclaimed. Netflix Series are created by Kevin Luperchio And Prashant Nair. (Also read: Trial By Fire review: Netflix Series based upon 1997 Uphaar Tragedia is a powerful reminder of the price of resilience)

One The strongest factor that worked for me was in Trial By Fire It was the casting. How What was the reception like?

This is the journey I’m going to start with. It It was quite a different process and began less than a week before the initial lockdown. So, Prashant (Nair) came over to Delhi I was asked to tell the story and get inputs. I stood up, and said: “ListenI don’t want to see any stars. I want the right actors, who I can relate to as the characters. He The same thought was shared by others, and the process began. He I gave the bible to you, but the script was not yet ready. I then read it, and lockdown suddenly began. No One could not have predicted how long this lockdown might last. We We were doing some groundwork, but then auditions came in. Zoom was presented to the world. After figuring out that the scene for the auditions could not be continued, me and my team set about creating the scenes for all characters. There There was no time limit or boundary to the dialogues. They were given the situation, and had the freedom to express themselves. Then, we would give them the cues. It It was an amazing experience that allowed everyone to learn and grow with each other. Prashant The way it felt real was what I liked about it.

Since Trial By Fire The story is based on a real-life tragedy. What were the approaches to the casting process, as you also had to live up to your responsibility?

YesMy team and I were aware that we had the story during audition scenes, so we didn’t really concentrate on the specific information of starting at one point and ending there. We Used dialogues to ensure that there was control over the actors and get them back on screen. It It all happened organically and naturally. In Having 13 years of experience in casting, I’ve seen very few projects such as these where directors are so open and willing to explore all possibilities.

Rajshri Deshpande As the title suggests, he delivers a haunting performance. Neelam. How Was she on board? Tell Learn more about her casting process.

So Before RajshriWe auditioned many actors who are well-known in the industry. A-listers were also offered the role. We A couple of them gave me a no. Prashant and me, we wanted someone who would dedicate their time to the character. Neelam She is not an easy person, but her journey stretches over 20 years and she learned a lot from it. SoWe were certain that we wanted someone who could give all of herself to this, both mentally and physically. That It was a huge challenge. We Approached RajshriWhen she was working on another project. We The material was sent to her, she read it and then informed her that there would be a live audition. Zoom. She auditioned in a hotel room, I recall. After her audition Prashant (Nair) and me were very sure that she was the correct person.

There’s A second thing I want to mention about her is the fact that not many actors are able to go through auditions and actually work hard. Very A few actors arrive prepared for audition, which means that they will not be able to give 120% for the set. She It is one of them.

One The small arcs in the middle were some of the most notable. Trial By FireThere was one particular arc that involved an actor Kiran SharmaThe character of was played by. Rajesh Tailang’s wife. She It was incredible. How Did she play the role?

SoWe auditioned over 3500 actors to complete the show. There The show features 76 characters, including the primary as well as secondary. The Because audition was via, it was much more flexible. Zoom. We Auditioned in the South, in Kolkata, Bombay, Delhi And Rajasthan. So Kiran Sharma ji. Again, I remember her in Delhi At that point, I called her and she agreed to call me in the studio. She When I entered the room, I saw her. I instantly knew how well she had prepared for the role. We She was amazing in her presence, even in the smallest of moments, when she began the audition.

There Here’s a fascinating story about Veer Singh’s life. Prashant He gave us a briefing about the episode, where he stated that he needed an actor who could move well because the camera was moving from one room to the next in one shot. The Actor walks behind the camera and changes his clothes immediately afterwards. That This made me very excited as I had the opportunity to cast a theatre actor capable of pulling that off. Prashant agreed. So You will notice that all of the actors featured in this episode have a theatre background. Rajesh And Kiran Both come from NSD. However, their sons and daughters come from another theatre company. I recall that I always knew I had to prioritise the authenticity of the characters. That From the first day until the last, this was our goal. We Focused on each character – even if there was only one scene. The The process was the exact same for all, and they were given the truth. So It is my belief that this is what makes each of their performances so real.

We Casting generally takes less time. It It is usually three to six months, or less. Here I keep telling myself that there was more. Prashant Maybe the universe was kind enough to give us a year to do our work Trial By FireThe lockdown caused the lockdown. We We were certain that this was what we needed to do as a team, and it seems to have paid off.

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