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Samsung Galaxy phone users pay attention! These 5 amazing features will make all your work easy – samsung galaxy phones useful features try these tips to ease your work


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New Delhi. Samsung’s One UI is a very popular and great Android skin for Samsung Galaxy phones. It has many important features. Many of them usually go unnoticed by a normal user. Some of these hidden features can help you make using your Galaxy phone easier. Let us take a look at some of the hidden features of One UI on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

1. Extract or copy text from photo
Have you ever had such a need when you needed to extract some number or text in a photo and instead of copying it, you typed it? But now this problem will not last long. The Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy phone allows you to extract text from a photo. Let’s see how to use this feature.

1. Tap on a photo in the Gallery app to open it in full screen.
2. Now tap on the T icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to get started.
3. Tap the highlighted text and drag the handles to adjust the text.
4. Now tap to copy the copy to the clipboard. Now you can paste it anywhere you like.

2. Add an album to the home screen
Adding an album to the home screen is a quick and easy process on a Samsung Galaxy phone. This gives you easy access to your favorite albums directly from the home screen. No need to visit gallery app again and again just to find album.

1. Open an album on your Gallery app.
2. Tap on the three vertical dots menu.
3. Tap on Add to Home Screen from the list of available options.
4. Tap on Add and the album will appear on your home screen.

3. Hide album in gallery
Do you have albums that you want to keep private and hidden in your Galaxy phone’s Gallery app? By following these steps, you can easily hide any album you want while making sure that only the albums you want are visible. Looking in your gallery app.

1. Open the Gallery app and tap on the Albums tab at the bottom.
2. To start, tap on the three vertical dots menu.
3. Select Select album to show.
4. Tap on the album you don’t want to display to deselect it.
5. Tap Done and the album will no longer appear in the Albums section.

4. Group Album Together
Tired of scrolling through your long list of albums in the Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can put albums together to better manage photos and videos. Let’s follow these steps to bring multiple albums together in Gallery app.

1. Go to the Albums tab on your Gallery app.
2. Long press to select the album you want to sync.
3. Tap on the Group button in the bottom left.
4. Type in a name for the group, and then tap Create. The albums will now appear as a group in the gallery.

5. Spot Color Mode in Gallery Photo Editor
The gallery editor on Samsung Galaxy phones has improved a lot. You can edit and create a master without installing a third party image editing application on your device. One of the under-rated features is the Spot Color mode which allows you to highlight certain colors in your photo and mute all other colors.

1. Tap on a photo in the Gallery app to open it in full screen.
2. Tap on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.
3. Now tap on the three vertical dots menu.
4. Tap Spot Color.
5. Now move your finger towards the color you want to highlight in the image.
6. After highlighting the desired color, tap on Done.
7. Now tap on Save to save the image.

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