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Rwanda Shoots At Congo Army Fighter Jet Says It Violated Its Airspace


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The conflict between Rwanda and Congo is decades old (symbolic photo)

Goma: The tension between the two has increased significantly after Rwanda’s action of firing missiles at Congo’s fighter plane. Rwanda alleges that the Congolese fighter plane was violating its airspace, due to which this step was taken in self-defense. Congo has denied this allegation and said that its fighter plane was in its airspace only. The attack happened when his plane was landing at the international airport in his hometown of Goma.

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A missile was fired on a Congolese fighter plane on January 24, in which the plane narrowly escaped. In the videos that have come out of this incident, it is clearly visible that the missile fired from Rwanda exploded very close to the Congolese jet Sukhoi-25. The aircraft managed to land at Goma airport. After this, it is seen in the video how the missile has damaged the aircraft. There are many holes in different parts of the aircraft.

The conflict between Rwanda and Congo is decades old
The conflict between Rwanda and Congo is decades old. In the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994, about one million people were killed. It included Tutsi as well as moderate Hutu. Rwanda and Uganda together started the first war in Congo in 1996 to end the perpetrators of this genocide. Then the Second Congo War also happened, which officially ended in 2002. However, despite the end of the war, the tension between the two countries remained intact.

Rwanda has been facing these allegations
Congo alleges that Rwanda supports and supports its rebel organization Congolese Revolutionary Army (M23) group. M23 has a majority of Tutsis. The government of Rwanda is believed to be supported by the Tutsis. The M23 group operates mainly in the region of Kivu and once controlled the city of Goma. M23 has a strong presence in eastern Congo, rich in mineral resources.

In 2022, M23 killed 131 people, for which Congo blamed Rwanda. The team of US, France, Belgium and UN investigated this allegation and found it correct. On the other hand, Rwanda has also been accused that Congo keeps inciting rebels against it. For the establishment of peace, a mini-summit was held in Angola’s capital Launda in November last year, in which all the regional countries participated. Under the agreement, the M23 rebel organization has not left the areas under its control and Rwanda is accused of giving it support and arms. The result of this tussle has come in the form of an attack on Congo’s fighter plane from Rwanda.

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