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Richa Chadha Throwback video viral after Galwan about pakistan ban and artists after Galwan tweet Boycott Fukrey 3 also trends on twitter – Entertainment News India


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Bollywood actress Richa Chadha is in a lot of discussion these days. His tweet on the Galwan incident is causing anger among the people. While on one hand Richa is being trolled, on the other hand a complaint has also been lodged against her. Meanwhile, some old videos of Richa Chadha are also being shared on social media, in which she is talking about issues related to Pakistan. Sharing these videos of the actress, social media users are saying that Richa has been talking against the country and in favor of Pakistan for a long time.

Richa’s old video viral
A video of the year 2019 of Richa Chadha is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, the reporter asks Richa that on one hand Pakistan is banning our films and on the other hand our artists are performing there. On this Richa had said, ‘My point of view on this is completely different. I think artists talk about love, peace. I think artists are banned because artists can make friends. In another event, Richa is seen saying, ‘If you can say by driving away Pakistani actors that there will be no attack, then ban them. Will anyone give a guarantee?

Boycott of Fukrey 3
Not only this, along with this, Boycott Fukrey 3 is trending on Twitter. Users on social media say that Richa Chadha should apologize properly. Many mimes are going viral regarding Richa Chadha. Richa Chadha is being trolled a lot. This tweet of Richa Chadha has also been linked by some social media users to her marriage. Along with this, some social media users have also used vulgar words for Richa Chadha.

What was Richa’s tweet
In fact, in one of her tweets, Richa had responded to the statement of Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, Commander of the Northern Command of the Army. The military officer had said in his statement that the Indian Army is awaiting orders from the government to regain control of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). To which Richa wrote, ‘Galwan hi (hello) saying.’ After this, many people slammed the actress on Twitter and accused her of making fun of the martyrdom of Indian soldiers. On one hand, where Akshay Kumar started an actress class on Twitter, on the other hand, director Ashok Pandit lodged a complaint.

Richa apologized
When the matter escalated, Richa Chadha apologized and said, ‘It was not my intention at all, yet the three words on which the controversy is being raised, if anyone has been hurt, I apologize and also say that if I am sorry if my words have caused any such feeling among my brothers in the army even without intention. My maternal grandfather was also in the army. Richa said that her maternal grandfather was a lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army and was shot in the leg during the 1965 Indo-China war. The actress said, ‘It is in my blood. When a son is martyred or even injured while serving the country, the entire family is affected. It is an emotional issue for me.

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