Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Republic Day: No slippers on the feet, enthusiasm high.


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New Delhi: Whether it is about celebrating independence or celebrating republic. In every corner of the country, a different spirit is seen among the people. Where President Draupadi Murmu will take the salute of the parade by hoisting the flag at Rajpath today. At the same time, some such videos are going viral in which the celebration and passion of the people towards the country is being seen. This video of tricolor salute at Janpath will fill you with enthusiasm. Seeing the video of an elderly woman saluting with small children, your eyes will be filled with tears.

oh mom you are great
In the viral video, the tricolor is tied to a pole. Around them are 6 children happily looking at the elderly woman. Women tying knots in the tricolor so that the flag can be pulled up. Then as the elderly woman is pulling the tricolor up, the girl present there is shouting with joy. The tricolor goes on top of the pole and the elderly woman hoists that flag. After hoisting the flag, she shouts Bharat Mata Ki Jai. The children present there also cheer and give tricolor salute along with the elderly lady. This video shows the passion of a woman towards her country.

Bare feet, this video of saluting the tricolor
A video of an elderly man is going viral on social media. In this video, he stops seeing the procession coming out of the road with the tricolor. Seeing the tricolor, the old man standing barefoot salutes it. He salutes standing in the posture of caution. In this video, the passion of the elderly towards the country is being seen.

Video of child saluting security force and tricolor goes viral

A very cute video of a small child is going viral on social media. In this video, the child looks at an armored vehicle of the security forces at the Bangalore airport. He moves towards that vehicle and goes in front of the vehicle and salutes the security force. After this, the security force jawan also responds to the child’s salute.

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