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Republic Day is also an occasion for resolutions to shape a new India.


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One resolution can spread the light of millions of resolutions if someone starts a bold effort to take a firm resolution. A meaningful campaign to fight against darkness, obstacles and inefficiencies was started in the year 2014 under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Republic Day is our national festival, on this day on January 26, 1950, our Parliament passed the Constitution of India. On this day India declared itself a sovereign, democratic republic. In seventy three years, our republic got stuck in so many thorny bushes. But now there is a feeling of sovereignty while celebrating these national festivals. The celebration of the Republic is in front, in which there is a desire to do something and there is also the uneasiness of not being able to do anything till now. If we believe in giving shape to the dreams seen with our waking eyes, then there is a rapid preparation to secure the values ​​of life and build a new India. Now the feeling of our self-consciousness, nationalism and self-identity has started happening. In which there are golden shades of personal, community, social, cultural, religious, national and global meaning taking shape.

The national festival, Republic Day, indicates our successes, which have now started coming as a result of hard efforts during such a long period. It also throws light on our failures that why if we fail! Why have we not been able to strengthen national unity and integrity? Why is the sun of the Republic surrounded by clouds of political crimes, scams and corruption? In the entire constitution that we have accepted, it has been said that we are a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic. This is correct and for this the will-power which is required first of all should be visible in our governance system and governance heroes and if this is happening then it is a pleasant feeling.

One resolution can spread the light of millions of resolutions if someone starts a bold effort to take a firm resolution. A meaningful campaign to fight against darkness, obstacles and inefficiencies was started in the year 2014 under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pleasant and successful echoes are being heard in the tenure of his second Prime Minister, it is an auspicious and creditable event for India to take over the presidency of the G-20 group of countries on this one December. Taking over this responsibility under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi means empowering India as well as giving the world a new thought, a new economic ground, the possibilities of peace and co-existence. The usefulness and relevance of the new education policy announced by the Narendra Modi government is slowly coming to the fore and the layers of its objectives are being revealed. After all, starting a big revolution in the field of higher education, by August, digital universities will start and campuses of about five hundred best educational institutions of foreign countries like Oxford, Cambridge and Yale will start opening in India. Now the students of India will get world class education in their own country and it will be less expensive and convenient. One advantage of this would be that in a few years Indian education and its high standards of value would be world wide. This is a commendable initiative of the University Grants Commission related to unique and far-reaching thinking. This is the emergence of new possibilities in the field of education.

Some time back we saw the scene of foundation stone laying ceremony of Maryada Purushottam Prabhu Shri Ram’s temple. Saw the development of Vishwanath Dham in Kashi. Modi has shown in his tenure so far that how a government with political will can change the condition of the country with its decisions, how it can keep life safe and healthy by defeating the great disease like Corona, how even in a great crisis It can save the economy from collapsing, how it can warn neighboring countries while keeping the nation’s borders safe, how self-culture and values ​​can be emphasized. Any initiative for the development of religious places and pilgrimages in India must also be praised while celebrating the Republic Day celebrations. For the miraculous and unique aura of Kashi that has come to the fore, full credit should be given to the MP and Prime Minister of Kashi, the city of Lord Shiva, Narendra Modi.

Election is the most important event in the life of any nation. This is a Yagya. Democracy is the strongest leg of the system. A day to exercise the constitutionally granted sacred franchise of every adult in the nation. In the elections of the world’s largest democracy, a new chapter is going to be started by moving towards another revolutionary step in the election process in the country, for which 100 percent voting rights are exercised, under which remote electronic voting is being implemented. The Election Commission has taken an important initiative by developing the model of the machine (REVM). During elections this machine will prove to be a boon for those domestic migrants who stay outside their constituencies for education, medical and employment. After including REVM in the election process, the migrant will be able to vote from where he is. Definitely, with its implementation, the percentage of voting will increase and public participation in democracy will start getting maximum. With this, the Republic of India will shine with a new aura and strength.

Other developments are taking place in the Republic of India, be it Kashi or Ayodhya or similar scenarios of religious and cultural revolution – these seem strange and shocking. The message that Narendra Modi has given from Kashi should not be seen only from the point of view of electoral profit or loss, but should be seen from the point of view of a strong nation. It is important for him to say that due to centuries of slavery, the inferiority complex that India was filled with, today’s India is coming out of it. This situation will make us especially proud while celebrating this year’s Republic Day. Really, there is no doubt left here that this government is changing the country and the society, improving the standard of living of the people.

Modi knows his critics very well, so he has rightly said that today’s India is not only beautifying the temple of Somnath, it is not giving shape to the age-old dream of Shri Ram’s temple in Ayodhya, Baba Kedarnath Dham He is not only renovating, Baba Vishwanath Dham is not only giving a grand look, but he is also protecting the borders very well, laying thousands of kilometers of optical fiber in the sea, building a medical college in every district, helping the poor. He is also building pucca houses, making unique arrangements for employment, medical and education. It means that the present governance-heroes have a coordinated concern for heritage and development. If there is concern for Hindutva, then there is complete concern for development. Now the lamps of reform, good governance, self-culture, self-identity have been lit, then its light will give new faith and happy lifestyle to all the countrymen.

Celebrating the 73rd anniversary of India becoming a constitutional and sovereign nation, we are now beginning to taste the real Indianness, the blackness of terrorism, casteism, regionalism, separatism has been dusted off, political controversies of religion, language, class, caste and party interests have been washed away. is also being controlled. While establishing the footprints of these Navnirman, we listen to the resolve of the Prime Minister to shape a new India, a strong India. Celebrating the Republic Day, I wish that the deep confidence to change the fate in the hands of effort should be protected. All for one, one for all, may the Ganga of development flow.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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