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‘Pathaan’ movie review: Shah Rukh Khan This spectacle is without secrets and shines 


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Shah Rukh Khan In ‘Pathaan’

The The story of a young boy India Who puts country above self  Pathaan This crowd pleaser marks the return to Shah Rukh Khan Action movies are back with new toys and more bombast. Returning After a long hiatus, SRK is back in top form in the bigger-than-life space. Yash Raj banner’s growing spy universe where writers pick strands from the real world and propel them at  Escape velocity. 

HereDirector Siddharth Anand You can draw from current affairs such as the abrogation Article 370, Pakistan’s fascination for KashmirBio-warfare, mysterious viral attacks and bio-warfare combine to create a spectacle that is both safe for the weak-skinned as well as a spectacle that provides entertainment for all. Hollywood Some spy agents are very smart  desi There are many things to celebrate. 

Moving It’s about an aging process at breakneck speed, in various locations all over the globe Indian secret agent (Shah Rukh) who puts together a team of retired agents to navigate where the red tape doesn’t stick. Their An insider is called a fighter Jim (John Abraham) who has turned rogue and is out to finish India Collaboratively with a Pakistani general. Along The way to do it Pathaan a ISI agent Rubina (Deepika Padukone) whose fashion sense is obvious, but her designs are ambiguous. 

Writers Sridhar Raghavan Abbas Tyrewala (dialogues) segue Shah Rukh’s genetic material with the screenplay to create some whistle-inducing dialogues on  Pathaan’s commitment, courage and camaraderie. With Shah RukhIt isn’t just about strength. He also brings his trademark wit. Pathaan Different from Tiger KabirThe other agents are prowling around the area. Only Shah Rukh A gum chewing can be a great way to get a pain reliever. 

Instead The writers show a world in which terrorists are corporatised and mercenaries can be hired to solve problems. It This enemy is a color-agnostic, and he has no shame in putting humanity before lucre. Besharam RangThe so-called controversial song in this film is called “” More The film examines the definition of nationalism and how it affects your view of your country, your mother, or your lover.   

Like In the old days, writers gave the villain without a surname a compelling backstory, and the hero permission to place him in his rightful place. They They have delicately mixed the political with the personal. For For example, Pakistani GeneralWho has evil plans on? IndiaHe is currently fighting cancer.  InterestinglyIn the geopolitics of this narrative, the US is not mentioned. Russia It is an indispensable ally and an orphaned friend Pathaan (Shah Rukh KhanDuring a mission, he discovers his identity. Afghanistan. AlsoThe film doesn’t paint every picture. Pakistani The same brush applies to both political and global crises. 

In The macho area Siddharth Solid platforms have been created for female characters. Dimple Kapadia This is impressive. Pathaan’s boss who doesn’t let emotion come in the way of duty. And Between the good and evil Deepika Available in a brilliant shade of grey She It isn’t just beautiful, but also risky. Together, Shah Rukh Deepika are like camphor and flame who threaten to set the screen on fire with their chemistry where grace meets risqué.   

The affair of an Indian Pakistani Agent reminds of  Tiger series, It provides material for one of many inside jokes that are included in the film, which in a way keeps it moving forward  Veer Zara’s gender equation between the two countries in Hindi cinema. Salman Khan’s cameo on a moving train is a kind of bonus for the fans; wish we had more to chew between the lines. 

Delivering One of his finest performances in the last few decades John It turns out to be a great match up Shah Rukh. It It is not only the abdominal muscles that he uses, he also provides cool film air. 

More More than the political layers the makers are keen to create breathtaking action sequences. Shot They are an improvement on what we’ve seen in all modes of transportation. BollywoodHowever, computer-generated imagery can be messy and sometimes confusing. The One is left disappointed by the lack of surprise at how some conflicts are resolved. AlsoSome scenes and plot elements sound like a Hindi Dub of Sequences lifted from Hollywood Tentpoles feel generic and plastic, 

Siddharth The choreography of action is often too important, leaving emotions unresolved. However, it’s the charm of each performer that makes up the difference. No Wonder, an early scene in the film features a scientist saying science is easy, but love is hard. 

Pathaan This play is currently playing in theatres

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