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Parenting tips: here are 5 healthy ways to nurture good sleeping habits in kids


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Tips to nurture good sleeping habits in kids: Be it a child or an adult, adequate sleep is very important for good health of all. If we talk about children, then due to lack of sleep, they often start feeling irritable. A lack of good sleep in children early in life can lead to serious problems for a lifetime. Studies show that children who do not get enough sleep may have behavioral and learning problems. Such children have difficulty in learning new things, which may persist for many years. In such a situation, follow these important tips to keep your child’s sleeping pattern good.

Follow these tips for good sleep of children-
Make a plan-

You must first prepare a good meal plan for your child to have a good sleeping pattern. For this, you should feed the child before putting him to sleep, so that his sleep does not get disturbed due to hunger while sleeping.

Set time to sleep
To enhance the quality of sleep, you should fix a fixed time for your baby to sleep. For this, fix their sleeping and waking time.

Keep things that make noise away.
In whatever room the child sleeps, keep the TV, music system off. And if the baby is sleeping, don’t keep the mobile phone around it either. Keep an atmosphere of peace in the room while the child is sleeping.

Wear diapers before sleeping
Always make the child wear good quality diapers, so that they absorb the urine made by the child for at least 8 hours while sleeping and the child does not feel wet. Due to the wetness, the child may feel cold, due to which his sleep may break quickly and due to this the child may also have the problem of rash and itching.

Do not keep the light on in the room-
Keep the baby’s bedroom at room temperature as well as darkness. Darkness helps increase melatonin, the hormone associated with sleep. And this is the reason why we get quick and sound sleep in a dark room.

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