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Pakistani submarine at Iranian port, what is Pakistani submarine doing at Iranian port, know why India is tense from satellite picture? – satellite image shows pakistan navy submarine at iranian port bandar abbas instc trade route tension for india


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Tehran: A submarine and a naval vessel of the Pakistani Navy have recently been seen at the Iranian port. This submarine stood for several days at the port of Bandar Abbas in Iran. Bandar Abbas port is located in the Persian Gulf close to the Strait of Hormuz. It is considered very important in the global trade route. India has also started a new trade route from Russia through this port. In such a situation, the presence of Pakistani Navy’s submarine at this port has increased India’s concern. Pakistan had wanted to retain its naval hold on this trade route from the beginning, but the bitterness in relations with Iran has so far held it back. Now Iran is trying to make new friends to weaken US sanctions. It is believed that this is the reason why it has allowed submarines of the Pakistani Navy to use its port.

Which Pakistani submarine reached Iranian port

The name of the submarine seen at Bandar Abbas port of Iran is PNS Hashmat. It is a French-origin Agosta class submarine. This submarine was built by France for South Africa, but was forced to sell it to Pakistan due to UN sanctions. This submarine is deployed in the Pakistani Navy since 1979. Its length is 67 meters and the beam is 6 meters. It is powered by Twin Diesel Electric SEMT Pilstik 16 PA4 185 VG diesel engines. These engines generate power of 3600 horse power. It also has two alternators, which generate 4600 horsepower through a 1.7 MW motor. This submarine can run at a speed of 22 kilometers per hour on the surface of the sea and 37 kilometers per hour under water. PNS Hashmat has a range of up to 13700 kms.

How India is threatened by Pak submarine in Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is a major commercial and naval port of Iran. The Iranian Navy monitors the Persian Gulf through this port. India is opening a new trade route from Russia through this port. Since the start of the Ukraine war, India has almost halved the trade time with Russia using the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC). This new trade route is 7200 km long. It has bypassed Pakistan and Afghanistan. Till now, to transport goods from India to Russia, a distance of 16112 kilometers has to be covered through the Suez Canal. In such a situation, if this trade route becomes active in future, then India’s trade with Russia and other Central Asian countries can increase manifold. For this reason, if the submarine of Pakistani Navy reaches this port, then it can harm the interests of India.

With which countries can India do business from Bandar Abbas?

Apart from India, Russia and Iran, Kazakhstan also comes in the way of the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC). With this, there can be a lot of convenience in reaching the goods of India to the Central Asian countries. However, the route from India to the port of Bandar Abbas passes through Pakistani waters. In such a situation, the Pakistani Navy keeps a close watch on the trade through this route.

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