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Pakistan Army Fund Cut: If the stick of IMF goes on, Pakistani army will end, Shahbaz government will reduce budget, blow to ISI too – pakistan national austerity committee recommends cut in funds of Pakistan army and isi budget imf economic crisis


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Islamabad: Debt-ridden Pakistan is now almost on the verge of ruin. The situation has become so bad that now Pakistan is considering cutting the salaries of government employees. The effect of money crunch was also visible on the Pakistani army last year when its budget was reduced following the recommendations of the IMF. But now the government wants to reduce the expenditure of the ISI as well as the non-combat expenditure of the army. A committee headed by Prime Minister Shahbaz has recommended reducing the salary of government employees by 10 percent.

The committee has proposed freezing discretionary funds of intelligence agencies including Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB). Discretionary funds are money that an organization has to spend on things that are not necessary but may be useful. The committee has considered the proposal to reduce the defense expenditure. But the Defense Secretary says that this may not be possible due to high inflation and depreciating exchange rates. However, the committee may deduct non-combat expenses.

army fund was cut

The committee is looking at banning the purchase of vehicles, stopping all perks and privileges, both local and abroad, and eliminating unnecessary posts in individual divisions. According to media reports, the NAC in its internal meeting had decided to finalize the recommendations within five days. Earlier, accepting the conditions of IMF, the government of Pakistan has cut the defense budget. In the year 2022, Pakistan’s budget was reduced from 2.8 to 2.2 percent of GDP.

Pakistani army upset due to cut in defense budget

The army had expressed displeasure with the government over the cut in Pakistan’s defense budget. After the budget, Pakistan Army spokesman General Babar Iftikhar had said that we are protecting the country with limited resources. On the other hand, India is continuously increasing its defense budget. Pakistan slashed a fifth of its Rs 72 billion armed forces development program in July to meet IMF conditions.

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