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Ola Electric Scooter Front Fork Issue know all details here


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Even though Ola is registering a strong growth in sales, the software and hardware of Ola scooters are facing several issues. In a recent incident involving the Ola S1 Pro, the rider sustained serious injuries when the front fork suspension broke. The owner claimed that the accident happened due to a mechanical fault. Where this accident happened when the speed of the scooter was only 35 km per hour. However, as per preliminary investigation by Ola, it has been claimed that the incident actually involved a high-impact road accident. Let us tell you that this was not the first time, before this also many other customers have reported cases of front forks breaking. However, there were no major casualties in the earlier cases.

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After this incident came the official statement of Ola on this matter. The rider suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident and was admitted to the ICU. In its official statement on this, Ola has said that they have provided all necessary assistance to the family of the rider involved in the accident. Ola has also informed that the rider is safe and recovering. However, a few days after the accident, the scooter owner thanked Ola for its cooperation.

What did Ola say on scooter testing?

Talking about the incident, Ola says that vehicle safety and quality standards are their top priority. The top-spec Ola S1 Pro electric scooter boasts of the highest quality standards in all aspects. Ola said that the scooter has been tested in challenging terrains and in all weather conditions. The scooter has been rigorously tested for over 5 million kms. Ola has over 1.5 lakh scooters on the roads and only a few of them had the front fork problem. Ola says that the front fork arm has been tested with a load that is 80% higher than normal scooters.

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