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Movie Review: Pathan – Pathan Movie Review in Hindi Starring Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham


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After a long time, the scene of theaters in the country has changed. In the morning shows, the craze of Shahrukh Khan-Salman Khan’s fans was speaking in the midst of police’s chalk and chalk arrangements. Yes, the splendor of the theaters was such that it was a festival. Amidst the pink chill, the fans came quite refreshed and ready to watch the film of their favorite stars. Badshah Khan is making a comeback on the silver screen after a gap of four years and this occasion was nothing less than a celebration for his fans. The icing on the cake is that the presence of Salman Khan along with high octane action and entertainment has proved to be a booster dose for ‘Pathaan’ fans. There is no hesitation in saying that the action of this film of Yash Raj’s Spy Universe has not been seen in Hindi films so far.

Story of ‘Pathan’

The story of the film is full of patriotic formula. Article 370 has been revoked in Kashmir. Pakistan gets shocked by this decision. To teach him a lesson on this decision of India, he takes the support of a terrorist gang called ‘Outfit X’, whose leader Jim (John Abraham) used to be a brave and patriotic agent of RAW at one time. But in a mission his pregnant wife would be brutally killed in front of him. The country is sitting hand in hand and it is from here that the feeling of hatred and vengeance for the country becomes strong inside the gym. He, along with the enemies of the country, becomes determined to destroy his own country.

To deal with this dire situation, Nandini (Dimple Kapadia), head of the Indian Intelligence Force, and Colonel Luthra (Ashutosh Rana), the head of the force, recruit their most capable agent Pathan and his team. On this mission to capture Jim and find out his intentions, Pathan meets Rubai (Deepika Padukone), an ISI agent. If Jim’s aim is destruction, then Pathan’s only aim is to save his country, but Rubai proves to be a thread between these two heroes and villains, standing between the thin line of trust and betrayal.

The love story of two agents of India and Pakistan has been shown in the films of ‘Tiger’ series. Here Pathan and Rubai also have a love angle. Will Rubai support Pathan or betray him? Will Jim be able to succeed in his dark adventures? Can a Pathan who goes to any extent to protect the country save the country? To know the answers to these questions, you will have to watch the film.

review of pathan

Pathan director Siddharth Anand started his career with romantic films like ‘Hum Tum’, ‘Salaam Namaste’, but after ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘War’ he started on the path of action films. There is no doubt that by the time he reaches ‘Pathan’, he has touched new heights of action. The story of the film is the same, where the patriotic agent is determined to save his country, but Siddharth has left no stone unturned in terms of action and special effects. Impact like ‘James Bond’, ‘Mission Impossible’ and Marvel films is seen in this Bollywood movie.

Siddharth’s film fits perfectly on the scale of masala films. The first half seems a bit long, but elements like over all turn-twist, exotic location, check and match between hero-villain, cheeky dialogues, tadka of comedy prove to be plus points of the film. In the action scenes, the sequence of bike chasing, helicopter fight and train flying on the hill has become amazing. The strong side of the film is its stylistic VFX, cinematography, action sequences and music. Be it Dubai, Paris, Afghanistan or Africa, the panoramic locations are seen in a different way. Songs like ‘Besharam Rang’ and ‘Jhoome Jo Pathan’ have already proved to be blockbusters. One thing to notice is that a lot of hard work has been done on the look and costume of the characters.

trailer of pathan

In ‘Pathan’, King Khan makes his comeback truly meaningful. Be it SRK’s look, the demeanor through eyes and body language, the agility of the action sequences, his swag in romantic songs and the words ‘Ek Soldier Desh se nahi hota ki Desh ne usse liye kya kiya kiya, woh poochta hai, woh desh liye’ Dialogues like ‘Kya Kar Sakta Hai’ make the audience whistle and clap. Here Shahrukh is romantic according to his age.

The surprise element of the film is the mounting of John Abraham’s character as Jim. Such a strong and well-crafted villain is probably being seen for the first time in Bollywood films. He is not shown any less than the villain, John has also put his life into his character. The 20-minute entry of ‘Tiger’ i.e. Salman Khan takes the film to a different level. The presence of Salman has greatly benefited the film. Shahrukh-Salman’s jugalbandi and action take the audience hand-in-hand.

Deepika Padukone’s presence creates current on the screen. She pulls off the different layers of a spy girl like Rubai to perfection. It is good to see Bollywood heroines stepping in action scenes with heroes and villains. Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana have breathed life into their roles. Supporting cast is good.

Why see- This is a must watch film for the fans of Shah Rukh, Salman and John and for the fans of action films.

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