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Minor girls were pushed into the ‘black game’ of prostitution under the guise of orchestra, 5 were rescued, serious allegations against police


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Five girls who were forced into prostitution were rescued.
Police action in Turkaulia’s Mahanava market.
Prostitution was going on in the orchestra, 4 girls from Assam.

Motihari. Under the guise of orchestra, the black game of prostitution has been exposed in Motihari. Five minor girls have been rescued in this action in Mahanawa market of Turkaulia police station. Of these, four are being told from Assam. It is being told that this black game could be exposed due to the efforts of two members of voluntary organizations from Delhi.

It is being told that out of the five minor girls who have been rescued from the clutches, four are residents of Assam. Police has arrested three people involved in this black game. However, during the raid, two businessmen managed to escape by taking advantage of the darkness. On the other hand, it is also being alleged that Turkaulia police station is fully involved in this black game. This was the reason that there was a delay in registering the FIR.

It is alleged that along with the team members, the rescued girls have also been misbehaved. The rescue has been done by Mission Mukti Foundation and Rescue Foundation of Delhi. While the rescue was done with the help of Motihari Sanstha IDEA and Child Care.

from your city (East Champaran)

East Champaran

East Champaran

Mission Mukti Foundation Chairman Virendra Singh, who came from Delhi, told that secret information was received from Assam, on the basis of which action has been taken. Prostitution business was being run under the guise of orchestra operations in Turkaulia’s Mahanava market. In which, on the instructions of the SP, the Turkaulia police station cooperated in the raid, but there was a lot of delay in registering the FIR. During this, pressure was also given to remove the name of the main accused Musa Sheikh, a gangster.

He told that on the instructions of the National Child Rights Protection Commission, New Delhi, action was initiated to register an FIR and send the girls to the Child Welfare Committee. Due to this delay, pressure and misbehavior, the commission has demanded an explanation from the Churkaulia police station through the SP. On the other hand, Digvijay, the director of an organization called Motihari’s Idea, said that delay and misbehavior shows that the Turkaulia police station is in collusion with these black businessmen.

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