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m1 abrams tank ukraine, russa warns us tanks will be destroyed in ukraine just like any other nato weapons


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Moscow: NATO countries have increased military aid to Ukraine in the war against Russia. Many countries including America, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden have announced to give modern weapons to Ukraine. It also includes the Abrams tank of America, the Challenger-2 tank of Britain and the Leopard tank of Germany. At the same time, Russia has threatened that it will easily destroy the tanks of these countries like any NATO weapon. Meanwhile, Western military experts have said that these deadly weapons being received by Ukraine can have a fatal effect on the Russian army. Russian forces are already retreating in eastern Ukraine. In such a situation, with the help of state-of-the-art tanks, missiles, rockets, armored vehicles, the Ukrainian army can retaliate tremendously.

Russian ambassador gave open threat

Russian Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said the US, UK and German actions would only exacerbate the crisis. This decision of these countries has gone far beyond providing Ukraine with defensive weapons. He told Russia Today in an interview that if Ukraine decides to deploy the M1 Abrams tank from the US, it will undoubtedly be destroyed like other NATO weapons. He accused the US of continuing to provide military aid to its puppet government in Ukraine.

America accused of inciting Russia-Ukraine enmity

Ambassador Antonov claimed that the reason for Russia-Ukraine enmity is America. America has sponsored the enmity between the two countries. He is using Ukraine as a proxy for a strategic defeat against Russia. He added that if the US decides to supply tanks, it would be impossible to justify such a move using arguments about defensive weapons. This would be another blatant provocation against the Russian Federation. He said that no one should be under any illusion about who is the real aggressor in the current conflict.

America will send more than 30 Abrams tanks

The US has decided to send over 30 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. However, it has not been officially announced. US officials say the issue is still being worked out with the Pentagon. He also told that it may take months to deliver these tanks to Ukraine. An official said these tanks would be purchased under the upcoming Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative package, which provides funding for weapons and equipment to be purchased from commercial vendors.

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