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leaked on social media; Your smart TV does not keep an eye on the phone. Venezuela Woman Privacy Case; How To Know If Your TV And Mobile Is Hacked


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A photo of a woman sitting on a toilet seat in Venezuela went viral on social media. The photo taken from a low angle was not taken by a human but by a robot vacuum cleaner cleaning the toilet. Nowadays we use so many smart devices at home which also have camera and microphone.

news of need I will know which devices can be hacked, what is the harm from it, how to know that your device has been hacked and how to avoid it?

Our experts are…

  • Pushkal Pandey, Director, FACTA Forensic Wing Federation, Noida
  • Varalika Nigam, PhD Scholar of Law, Lucknow University
  • Amit Kumar, DCP Crime, Bhopal

First of all, let us understand that if your smart device gets hacked then what can be the damages.

Hacking of smart device can cause these four big losses…

  • Financial Loss: Your bank account details can be accessed by hacking your device.
  • Safety Issues: After hacking the device, criminals can reach you through your location and your personal information.
  • Data Leak: Your private data may be leaked.
  • Identity Theft: Many times we keep our documents on computer, laptop or smartphone. By accessing these, hackers can take our place in the real world. They can even commit crimes by using our identity, for which we will be blamed.

Question: Can the camera installed in any device be misused?
Yes, of course. All the devices you use are connected to the internet, so their cameras can be easily misused.

How to find out if your device’s camera has been hacked…

  • In any device which is given a camera, there is an indicator light equal to the camera. Check whether it is burning without your consent.
  • If the light automatically turns on when you turn on the device, then there may be a problem with your browser extension. You can identify which are the problem by deleting browser extensions one by one.
  • Try opening the device’s applications one by one. The camera can be hacked through the application which turns on the light without asking for permission.
  • You can see if the webcam is running by going to Task Manager.
  • Close everything and try opening the webcam. If it pops up that your camera is already being used then understand that the camera has been hacked.
  • If there are any such videos and photos in the gallery which you do not remember when you took them, then understand that there is something wrong.
  • Try a malware scan. Many times the camera is hacked through malware software.

Follow these tips to avoid camera hacking…

  • Cover your device’s camera with some tape, etc. For this, different types of stickers are also available in the market.
  • Note that applying the tape should not cause any problems in turning off your device.
  • Use a good and reliable antivirus.
  • Do not click on unknown links. Avoid downloading apps from unknown sources.
  • Use secure Wi-Fi only.

Question: How to know that TV or phone is hacked?

answer: Recognize that your smart TV has been hacked…

  • Pop ups and messages start appearing on the TV screen.
  • Despite the TV remote being completely fine, could not control the TV.
  • The speed of the TV suddenly becomes slow.
  • The TV’s settings start changing automatically.
  • New apps and files can be seen on TV without downloading them.
  • You get logged out of your Netflix, Amazon, etc. accounts and can’t log back in even if you try.

Identify that your phone has been hacked…

  • You are hearing strange sounds during calls.
  • The battery capacity of the phone has suddenly decreased.
  • Even when you are not using the phone, suddenly its screen turns on or some activity starts appearing.
  • It is taking longer than before to switch off.
  • Even when you are not using the phone, the phone is heating up.
  • Your phone has suddenly started using more data.
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Question: I wear smart watch all the time. What is the harm in getting it hacked?
Your smartwatch can also be hacked. Many times you connect the smart devices used at home to the smartwatch. The smartwatch remains connected to the smartphone. In such a situation, if the smartwatch is hacked, then the security of all smart devices can be at risk.

Question: Is it true that without our consent photographs can be taken in the phone or our recording can be done?
Yes, of course. If your device gets hacked, the device’s camera and microphone can be activated without your consent. With this he can record your private moments and talks.

Question: What are the laws in the country regarding cyber security?
There is Information Technology Act 2000 in the country for cyber security. At the same time there are no rules for data protection. For this Digital Data Protection Bill has been proposed.

Question: Where and how to complain about cybercrime?
There is a helpline number for cybercrime across the country. 1930 On which you can complain. Apart from this, there is also a district unit of cybercrime in every district where complaints can be lodged.

Question: What are the things to keep in mind before giving smart devices to children?
It is important to take care of these 5 things before giving smart devices to children…

  • Nowadays all devices have child lock feature. Install the child lock before handing over the controls to children.
  • Fix the amount of time children can spend using devices.
  • Monitor children’s social media accounts.
  • Forbid children from sharing personal information via the Internet.
  • Explain to the children that do not share the password with anyone.
  • Tell them not to use public Wi-Fi.

Question: What would be better to give children for online classes- smartphone, tablet or laptop?
You can give anything smartphone, tablet or laptop to the children for online classes, but before that the child lock feature must be turned on. Also, make children aware of these devices and their disadvantages.

while going
These are some important codes for your smartphone

  • *#06# : With this you can find out the IMEI number of your device.
  • *#61# : Sometimes scammers can forward your phone calls to another number. You can find it with this code.
  • #21# : Call forwarding can be deactivated with this code.
  • *#21# : With this code you can check whether the phone is tapped or not.
  • *#*#7780#*#* : Using this code you can factory reset the phone. This will erase all the data on the phone.
  • *#*#34971539#*# : With this code you can get related information from your phone’s camera.

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