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Internet is not working in the phone, how to fix it, Internet speed will be faster than tablet


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New Delhi. If mobile data is not working on your device. While Jio, Airtel and Vi are gearing up to launch 5G service in India, there are many areas where 4G or even 3G doesn’t work properly. If you are also facing network issue on your mobile phone then turn off mobile data and turn it on once again. If the data is not working then this is the easiest way for that. If this still doesn’t work then here are some quick solutions by which you can overcome the problem and increase the internet speed.

turn on airplane mode

This is the easiest way to increase mobile data speed in case of slow connection. You can simply turn on Airplane Mode and then turn it off after a few seconds. This process will help you quickly reset the mobile network and boost your internet connection.

set mobile network to auto
Mobile data networks provide three or less network options based on the SIM which are 2G, 3G and 4G. In some cases a 4G network may be present but it is not strong enough to provide good speeds. Wherein a 2G/3G network can provide better speed. Go to the “Mobile data” section in Settings and switch on 2G/3G/4G auto. This setting will automatically detect and switch to the best available network. This will increase the data speed.

restart your phone


That’s what most of us do now. That is, restarting the device works to restart all system processes, including networking processes. It fixes all network-related issues or settings that could be causing mobile data issues.

wipe sim card
Sometimes dust gets accumulated in the port of the SIM card. It should be taken out and cleaned with a cloth. It should be put back from time to time for better mobile data connectivity.

reset apn

Open Settings on the device and go to Network settings.
Click on the name of your network provider.
Check the ‘Access Point Names’ option and click on it.
Select the ‘Reset access points option’ from the three dotted icon on the top right corner.
Restart the device and test mobile data.

reset network settings


Many devices offer the option to reset network settings, such as factory resetting or full device formatting. To do this go to Settings and the Backup & reset menu. After that check the Reset network settings option and test the mobile data.

check mobile data limit

Go to network settings and check data usage. There will be data limit option either disable it or set the limit every month as per your choice.

Check by inserting the SIM card in another device


In some cases, it may happen that the SIM does not work on a particular phone and mobile data works smoothly on another device. If so then factory reset the device or visit a service center to have it fixed.

Once you try some of these methods, then verify whether the internet speed is fast or not. Now you can do this by playing a music video on YouTube, or running a game or GPS application like Google Maps. Another way to check internet speed is to check speed testing websites like Ookla, Meteor, SpeedTest Master.

How to Boost Internet Speed ​​in Mobile

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