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Indian Designer invokes the mystery of the ‘Cosmos” in Paris


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For A man who seems to have infinite creative ambitions, it’s fitting that Indian designer Rahul Mishra’s Recent Paris Haute couture collection attempts to capture the whole universe. Monday’s Fashion Week Start of “Cosmos” The latest example of one of these was the showcase Asia’s Leading stylists whose models have been taken by Michelle Yeoh, Viola Davis These and many other film stars are among the best.

Mishra AFP was invited by him to show us his hectic workshop on the urban fringes. New Delhi The collection was produced many times, starting with its sketchbook ideas and ending with his final-minute panic over sudden revisions.

His The long and tedious journey reflects his desire to convey the endless mysteries of life with his signature embroidery touches of animal contours, luminous details and other embellishments.

“This is actually the true cosmos in its ultimate manifestation,” MishraThe 43-year-old told AFP this month as he proudly showed off one of the nearly two dozen dresses he was about send to Paris.

“It justifies the name of the collection.”

The This gown is a flowing pleated silhouette with intricately embossed depictions of the animal Kingdom, where schools and fish meet with the night sky’s constellations.

Mishra It took months to get lost in every detail, even the last week. Paris In his debut, he felt compelled to make significant conceptual changes.

“It looks dramatic, it takes too much attention,” He says this as he contemplates a bold decision to attach two large, golden fish ornaments on the gown’s bust.

Mishra He often relies on the expertise of his team to give his opinion. However, they also share his passion for the extravagant and give their approval to the new look.

– ‘It must be extraordinary’

“The more we try to know about cosmos, the less we know; the more we try to know about ourselves, the more remains to discover — this is the true meaning of cosmos,” Mishra He spoke highly of his artistic vision.

The The theme suits a designer whose creations incorporate as many materials, textures, and patterns as the laws governing physics permit.

“We work like an art studio that tries to mix mediums, to assemble ideas, to create a new expression that is not necessarily just fashion,” He stated.

“Our dresses are full of life — they are growing, expanding, they are reaching for something in an ever-expanding universe.”

The Collection’s most extravagant pieces reflect Mishra’s preoccupation with nature and include a sequined, translucent gown with veils that mimic the movements of a jellyfish.

Other Eye-catching embroidery features elegant pink-tinged leaves and golden ladybird brooches or frilly bustiers featuring blue sequins, marine life motifs, and intricate embroidery to create a sense of the ocean’s depths.

Mishra’s The intention is to depict a fantasy journey. “something that doesn’t exist” These experiences have led him to move beyond his traditional obsessions into the urban environment.

On An ankle-length coat that is uncharacteristically monochrome in contrast to the designer’s usual colours bursts. Skyscrapers are flipped upside down on a ruffled edge against speckled stars to channel the magic city at night.

Flamboyant Even by the standards set forth in the Parisian runway, Mishra Any suggestion of aesthetic restraint is a scourge.

“It has to be spectacular, otherwise why would you create something?” He stated. “There are already so many beautiful clothes in the world.”

This The story was published as is from a wire agency feed. Only The headline has been updated.

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