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google make changes in policies such as allowing users to choose their default search engine


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Complying with the directions of the Competition Commission of India, Google on Wednesday said in a blog that it will make “some important changes” such as allowing handset makers to license individual Google apps for pre-installation on their devices. Dena, to provide options for Indian users to select their default search engine, update Android compatibility requirements to introduce changes for partners to create non-compatible or forked variants, and update Android compatibility requirements for all apps and games from next month To provide Choice Billing to the User for

Google’s move comes less than a week after the Supreme Court dismissed a plea seeking a stay on the CCI’s October order imposing a fine of ₹1337.76 crore for abusing its dominance in the Android market. The CCI order flagged key agreements entered into by Google with developers, saying they violate competition norms, directed the company to make appropriate changes.

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In its blog post on Wednesday, Google said it will continue to “respectfully appeal” certain aspects of the CCI ruling, but will also make India-specific changes in the meantime. However, the post states that “implementing these changes to the ecosystem will be a complex process and will require significant work from our end and in many cases significant efforts from partners, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and developers.” will be needed.”

In a major change, Google will now allow device makers (also known as original equipment manufacturers) to license individual Google apps for pre-installation on their devices in India. In addition, Indian users will now have the option to choose a default search engine through the “choice screen” that will start appearing when a user sets up a new Android smartphone or tablet in India.

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In addition, the company said it would offer “user choice billing” for all apps and games starting next month, which would allow developers to distribute apps through the Play Store, a payment option in addition to Google’s own payment options. To choose. Although this was not part of it. As per the directions of CCI’s October order, the competition regulator had imposed another penalty of ₹986 crore on Google in November on this particular issue.

Finally, the company said it has made changes to Android’s “installation flow” for sideloaded apps. This was part of a recent Android update, as part of which the Android platform will be able to flag sideloaded apps deemed malicious. So until now, Android used to flash a warning message to users if a sideloaded app was being installed. Now, the platform can also flag if these apps are already known to be malicious.

Sideloading is the practice of downloading apps outside of the Google Play Store, via websites, other app stores, etc. Used to display a warning message to Android users that third party downloads could put malicious programs on their phones.

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