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Goal It is to be Ukraine They have the skills they need to win on the battlefield Russia: John Kirby


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John Kirby, National Security Council Coordinator For Strategic CommunicationsAt the daily press briefing, on the White HouseIn WashingtonU.S. January 25, 2023.
| Photo Credit: Reuters

The Joe Biden The goal of administration is to achieve Ukraine The requisite capabilities to succeed on the battlefield against the Russian Truces, White House he said, “After!” Washington And Berlin An announcement was made that advanced battle tanks will be sent to Kyiv.

President Joe Biden The U.S. will send 31 state of the-art computers to its 31 diplomatic missions. Abrams To destroy battle tanks Ukraine to assist its troops in pushing back Russian For almost one year, forces have remained firmly rooted in the country’s eastern region. Moscow’s invasion. The U.S. decision came after Germany We have agreed to send 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks Ukraine.

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“It is our goal — and a goal shared by our allies and partners that we get to Ukraine the capabilities they need to be successful on the battlefield today but, just as critically, in the future, going forward this year,” National Security Council Coordinator For Strategic Communications John Kirby told reporters during his daily news conference on January 26.

Mr. Kirby According to the Germans Would help organize two more battalions, British Have agreed to send their Challenger While the tanks are being filled, French Contributing with armoured vehicle will be also done.

“This very much just follows right along with the kinds of discussions we’ve been having with the Ukrainians for months about making sure that they can fight on the terrain that they’re in and that they can prepare for operations going forward this year,” Mr. Kirby said.

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Both Leopard 2. Abrams These tanks are considered to be state-of-the art and superior to the rest. SovietThe Army fielded -era tanks Russian forces.

Earlier, Mr. Biden The delivery of these tanks will take place, it was stated. “take time” That Washington Will use to ensure “Ukrainians are fully prepared to integrate these tanks into their defences.” The Hill reported that Ukraine would also push for F-16 fighter jets from the U.S.

Mr. Kirby acknowledged that while the fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian forces has slowed down during the winter, he expects the tempo to pick up once the weather improves. “We have to be ready for that. I know the Ukrainians feel they have to be ready for that,” he said.

“So, it’s about helping Ukraine defend itself but also, helping Ukraine be able to go on the offensive when the weather conditions and when the operational conditions are permissive,” Mr. Kirby added.

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At Separate news conference State Department Spokesperson Ned Price According to the U.S., they want to equip Ukraine Not only do you need deterrent capabilities but also defensive capabilities. Russia Once again, it is a terrible decision to cross international boundaries to attack Ukraine In the future. Responding to a question, Mr. Price Moscow Already, it has been a victim of a strategic error.

“We’ve seen this strategic failure since the earliest days of this war, when President Vladimir Putin sent his forces into Ukraine under the erroneous assumption that Kyiv would fall, that the country would be his, that more so than the territorial conquest that he’d be in a position to erase Ukraine, erase its identity, erase its people, subsume the country,” He added.

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