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Former President Donald Trump Can you return to Facebook. Will he? NPR


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Facebook parent company Meta Allowing a two year ban is acceptable Donald Trump, which was imposed following the storming of the U.S. by the supporters of the president at the time. Capitol, expire.


Former President Donald Trump Can you return to Facebook. The Social media company announces that it will lift the ban it placed more than two years ago. Trump The U.S. was flooded with supporters Capitol On January 6, 2021. But Will Trump Come back, especially since the social media landscape has changed dramatically. NPR’s Shannon Bond The story is being covered by the media. Hi, Shannon.


SHAPIRO: Remind Learn more Facebook In 2021, the board decided to suspend. Trump’s account.

BOND: YeahIt happened within a few days of the initial announcement. Capitol riot. They Permanently suspended Trump Because at the time, CEO Mark Zuckerberg It was too dangerous to be violent, they said. Trump Posts praising the rioters. And Not just Facebook However, Twitter And YouTube saw it as incitement and was kicked off of all the major platforms. And These decisions were incredibly controversial. And In fact, for FacebookThe company was so outraged by the issue that it asked its newly formed oversight board for their opinion. It’s A – This is a group of experts in human rights and law that the company seeks feedback from regarding its difficult content decisions. The According to the board, Facebook It was justifiable. TrumpIt disagreed with the idea that an indefinite ban should be implemented. It They needed to be more specific. So Facebook A little later, he said that it was a two-year ban. We’ll Take a look at the situation and decide if you want to allow him back. And Now, these two years have ended.

SHAPIRO: So What has changed in the past two years? How Does the company have a reason to allow him to return?

BOND: Well, Meta According to the report, there is no risk to public safety. It It did not provide any further explanation as to how it arrived at that conclusion. But It does state that it will put new guardrails into place. So If Trump If he breaks the rules again, he may be banned for another two years. It It could also be used to restrict his posts, even if they aren’t in violation of the rules. So If he begins to post conspiracy theories on QAnon and questions the outcome of an upcoming electoral election, Facebook If you do not go directly to the site, it could make it more difficult to see these posts. Trump’s page.

SHAPIRO: Trump Founded his own social media website. Truth Social. Does It seems like he’ll return to Facebook?

BOND: Yeah. It’s a good question. And He took – he is taking a victory lap Truth Social. You He says that a sitting president shouldn’t be banned. He He claims that banning him would be a good idea. Facebook A lot of market value has been lost. But Look at the Trump campaign had petitioned Facebook We are happy to allow him to return, but it is not clear if he will use it again. You He was allowed to return onto the streets. Twitter In NovemberHowever, he has not been posting there. So He’s used it so far. Truth Social. He Actually has an agreement to put there first. But Naturally. AriHis reach there is much less, right? It is lower than it would be on. Twitter Oder Facebook. SoWe’ll have to wait and see if it’s worth the effort to return. And Also, there is the question of: If he starts posting again, how much longer? You You should know that he has made many false claims regarding the 2020 election. Truth Social. He’s been amplifying QAnon conspiracies. You Know that these are the types posts that could trigger these guardrails Facebook What are you talking about?

SHAPIRO: Social The media landscape has changed so dramatically in the last few years. If When he returns to these platforms, does he expect to be able reach the same extent as before?

BOND: That’s a legitimate question. You know, Facebook It appears weaker now than when it banned him. It It has lost users and revenue the first time. Twitter Chaos under Elon Musk. You Know that all these smaller, upstart sites are not just for you. Truth Social But Parler, GETTR, GabThese appeals to conservatives feel that they are being censored or stifled by big tech have fuelled them. But It is not yet clear if it will be simple. Trump To stay away. You know, Facebook His fundraising efforts were crucial. That’s Going to be crucial when he runs again for president in 2024. But This is what I believe. AriThis is just one example of the power that these tech giants have in deciding who has a voice online.

SHAPIRO: NPR’s Shannon Bond. Thank you.

BOND: Thank you.

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