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Explained | The Next leg of the Russia-Ukraine War


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The Story so far As Russia’s Ukraine All sides are ready for a major escalation of the conflict as invasion enters its 12th monthly phase. RussiaAfter its initial thrust into,,, suffered some setbacks in the last year. UkraineWith minor advances, he is trying to create battlefield momentum. UkraineThe troops of the country are fighting to defend the frontlines in the south and east. They are asking for more weapons from NATO allies. While Germany’s early resistance to sending its Leopard 2 battle tanks Ukraine NATO’s divisions have been closed, and NATO has finally agreed to send tanks to other countries. GermanTanks that are built to last Ukraine. The After initial resistance, the United States is now sending its M1 to Europe. Abrams Tanks Kyiv.

What What is the current war situation?

After UkraineThe counteroffensive was launched by, SeptemberRecaptured vast swathes Kharkiv Oblast The northeast is Kherson (The only provincial capital in the region) Russians had taken since the war began) the conflict had turned into a war of attrition — until recently.

Russian Private military personnel, primarily troops Wagner GroupYou have been trying for a seize BakhmutThe city of?, Donetsk In the Donbas Which region Moscow For the past six months, now claims it as its own. As These efforts didn’t bear any fruit in the recent weeks. Russia’s focus shifted to SoledarJust 18 km away from the city is the town of, Bakhmut. Russian Truce razes the area Ukrainian defences in Soledar You quickly took over the town and made more advances towards Bakhmut.

In The south Moscow The troops of the country claimed to have crossed the frontlines. ZaporizhzhiaOne of the four Ukrainian Provinces Russian President Vladimir Putin Unilaterally annexed in September. As For now, Russia Only a small portion of the website is controlled Zaporizhzhia Province, with its eponymous nuclear plant. Europe’s largest. But Pushing through the frontlines to the east and south Russia The pressure is growing to the top Ukraine’s army, which set alarm bells ringing in Kyiv Capitals of the West

Ukraine Now is the time to get urgent supplies and the West is in a frenzy to find weapons.

Who Supply Ukraine?

Supplies The following are the West They are essential for Ukraine Conflict. The U.S., Ukraine’s largest defence supplier, has committed to sending Kyiv Since the war started, more than $27 trillion in military aid has been provided. It Is sending ammunition, howitzers and helmets Humvees HIMARS and HIMARS rocket system. The U.S. has also committed to sending Stryker Combat vehicles and other weapons Patriot missile defence battery.

The U.K. Germany The next two major suppliers of arms and military equipment are Ukraine. Earlier This month London Announced that it would provide 14 Challenger 2 battle tanks KyivWhile France AMX-10RC armoured vehicles known as the tank-killer, would be shipped by AMX-10RC, it said. Ukraine. While Ukraine They thanked their allies for making these promises, but they also stated that these weren’t enough to beat the Russians.

They Wanted more tanks to fight the coming war on the land. NATO allies desired Germany Send it Leopard 2 tanks, considered to be one of the best battle tanks ever built European conditions. But Germany Initial hesitation to provide Leopard To Ukraine Despite the panicked calls from Kyiv Other allies

Why Was Germany Are they reluctant to send their tanks?

Ever Since the start of war Germany Multiple offensive weapons have been sent to UkraineFrom self-propelled howitzers and rocket launchers to all things in between But Chancellor Olaf Scholz In the beginning, it was not possible to send tanks. UkraineThe statement that such a move would increase the conflict was incorrect. Berlin’s interest. GermanyGeographically closer to Russia It is also without its own nuclear deterrent (say unlike) France UK) sees itself as in a disadvantageous place in the event there is a direct confrontation between NATO. Russia. Both Mr. Scholz’s party and the public are divided on the tank question.

According You can also visit our website at December Poll: About 50% Germans Opposed to the sending of tanks Kyiv 38% opposed it. Berlin I was also concerned that Russians could capture the tanks to gain insights into its technology. Moreover, German Officials told the media that Mr. Scholz was sensitive to the historical context — during the Second World War, German tanks rolled over into today’s UkraineThe, which was part the Soviet UnionYou can also find it here Hitler Ordained his disastrous Russian invasion. But Germany Also, the U.S. was a strong ally and put pressure on them. PolandClick here to make a quick decision.

After the initial caution, the U.S.’s risk appetite in the conflict has steadily increased with the Biden Administration beefing up Kyiv’s military capabilities. Berlin It said that it would be open to sending Leopard If the U.S. agrees to send its Abrams tanks. The The U.S. initially rejected it, but later ruled it out. AbramsRun of jet fuel were complicated systems that would take months to train. Ukrainian troops. The last meeting was held at the Ramstein Air Base In Germany The Ukraine Support group met without a decision on tanks and showed signs of division within NATO alliance. But back channel diplomacy continued.

On Wednesday, Germany Announced that it would send 14 Leopard 2 tanks Kyiv Allow other NATO members to reexport GermanTo be made from tanks Ukraine. Biden Administration officials stated in Washington The U.S. would send the same message. Abrams Tanks Kyiv.

Why Does Ukraine Want Leopards?

Ukraine There are a few tanks available, but most of them are from the Soviet era. Ukrainian Leaders have stated that they believe Moscow The government is planning a major offensive over the coming months.

The A lack of advanced tanks could result in a shortage Kyiv In a negative position Ukraine’s open terrain, especially when Russia Currently, it has deployed its T-90s. Ukraine he requested 300 tanks. LeopardsThis aircraft has a 500-km range and can travel at 68 km/h. It is equipped with a 120mm flat bore gun and two coaxial machine guns. These weapons could help to boost offensive capabilities. Leopards Also available in large quantities in Europe.

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More More than 2000 Leopard Twos were deployed throughout the country. Europe If and how Germany NATO members can provide smooth supply to countries that allow their reexport. Ukraine.

What next?

It Was after Russia’s back-to-back battlefield victories in Donbas (Mariupol, Severodonetsk LysychanskThe U.S. has agreed to send its advanced rocket system (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems Or HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (or MLRS) Ukraine. These Weapons played a crucial role in Ukraine’s counteroffensive that saw Russian Retire troops from Kharkiv Kherson.

Now, Russian The troops appear to have regrouped, and constructed stronger defensive positions along the frontline that extends from the borders of Kharkiv To Kherson. With There are approximately 3,00,000 more conscripts joining the forces. Russia Is likely to make another push. The Recent advancements it made in Soledar Zaporizhzhia Could be signs of the future

If Russia Takes Bakhmut In the east, Zaporizhzhia It could increase its logistical capability in the south in order to make more inroads into Ukraine. Kyiv This offensive will be launched to try and stop the situation.

If Ukraine Inverse Russia’s gains in Zaporizhzhia It cuts deeper into southern Africa, and could even sever the Russian-Controlled in the south and east by sabotaging Moscow’s land bridge to CrimeaThe Black Sea It is located in the peninsula Mr. Putin Annexed in 2014.

With More heavy weapons are coming from the West, Ukraine Wants to be more prepared for the Russians.

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