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Earth inner core has stopped rotating may rotate in the opposite direction Research claims


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Is our earth going through a big change? Something is happening inside the earth, whose complete information is yet to be found? If reports are to be believed, it is being speculated that the inner core of the Earth has stopped rotating in the same direction as the rest of the planet. It has been said in a study that the inner-core rotation of the Earth has stopped. The year 2009 saw a halt and then surprisingly took a turn in the opposite direction. Researchers have long believed that the Earth’s inner core rotates.

reports It has been told that the earth is made up of crust, mantle and core layers. The inner core, located at the center of the Earth, was first identified in the year 1936. It is said to be 5 thousand kilometers below the surface of the earth, whose width is about 7 thousand kilometers.

Published in the journal Nature Geoscience research I have talked about this. In the research, seismic waves of earthquakes of the last 6 decades were analyzed. The study, conducted by Xiaodong Song and Yi Yang of Peking University in China, tracked the movements of the inner core.

These study authors say that the rotation of the Earth’s inner core stopped around the year 2009 and then turned in the opposite direction. These researchers told the news agency AFP that they believe that the Earth’s inner core rotates. It rotates like a seesaw back and forth relative to the Earth’s surface. Researchers say that one cycle of this rotation is about seven decades.

This means that it changes direction after every 35 years. Researchers think Earth’s inner core changed its direction in the early 1970s and could happen again in the mid-2040s.



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