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Delhi Weather Forecast: Today the enthusiasm of the weather will also be ‘high’, after 5 years the Republic Day parade will not be cold – republic day delhi ncr weather cold wave forecast latest update


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New Delhi: The weather will not disturb the Republic Day parade this time. This year the people will not be troubled by the cold as much as it was troubling them for the last five years. There will not be much fog either. There is no chance of rain now. The sun will come after 7:30. In such a situation, the fog is also expected to disperse by ten o’clock. According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature on Thursday will be around 9 degrees. At the same time, the maximum can also remain up to 19 degrees. Those who leave their homes early in the morning to reach the parade site may see dew.

At the same time, the maximum temperature on Wednesday was 19.3 degrees. This is two degrees less than normal. The minimum temperature was 10.6 degrees. This is three degrees more than normal. On the other hand, the maximum temperature in Gurugram was just 17 degrees, 16.3 degrees in Jafarpur, 16.6 degrees in Mangeshpur. Now the weather will once again remain dry for a few days. The weather will remain dry till January 28. Rains may make a comeback on January 29. With light drizzle, the maximum temperature on this day will be 17 and the minimum temperature will be 10 degrees.

Clean air after October 15, pollution remained normal

Winters are at their last stage. Along with this, people are also getting a chance to breathe clean air. For the first time since the second week of October 2022, people breathed such clean air on Wednesday. The pollution level remained normal. From mid-October to January 25, the pollution was at normal level only for four days. In this too, the AQI was the lowest on 25 January. Now on January 26, the level of pollution may once again increase slightly and reach a bad level.

According to the air bulletin of CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board), the AQI of the capital stood at 160. It was 122 at 10 am. It increased slightly as the day’s activities progressed. Meanwhile, the AQI remained at a satisfactory level in some areas of the capital itself. Among these, the AQI of IMD Lodhi Road was 98, while it was 46 in IITM Lodhi Road.

Normal air level found after about 40 days

According to the information received from CPCB, between October 15 and January 25, pollution has been in normal condition for just four days. Meanwhile, the lowest AQI was recorded at 160 on January 25. Earlier on 13, 14 and 15 December the AQI was at normal level. The AQI was 177, 163 and 189 on these three days. While earlier on October 15, the AQI was 186. Before October 15, pollution in the capital was being recorded at a normal and satisfactory level.

Today pollution will remain at a bad level

According to IITM Pune, pollution will now increase slightly on January 26. Its level may remain bad on 26 and 27 January. After this, on January 28, it can once again increase to a very bad level. After this, it will remain at a below normal level for the next six days.

January still the most polluted in three years

The assessment of 24 days of January shows that this January has been more polluted than the last three years. PM 10 levels have also been recorded at 320 micrograms cubic meter (mgcm) this year. Earlier it was close to 360 MGCM in 2019. Whereas in 2020, 21 and 22 it was less than 320 MGCM.

Station near duty path ITO remained the most polluted

On the occasion of Republic Day, preparations are going on for the ceremony on the duty path. Meanwhile, its adjacent station ITO has been the most polluted on Wednesday. The AQI here was 326 on January 25. Not only this, for the next three days also the pollution is seen increasing continuously here. As per the forecast, the AQI at ITO is likely to be 344 on Republic Day, followed by 371 on December 27, and 397 on December 28.

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