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Covid Some protection is offered by omicron boosters against XBB variant


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PfizerIt’s called and ModernaA study by the University of California at Berkeley found that omicron boosters significantly reduced the risk for mild illness in the XBB family subvariants, compared to those who didn’t get the shot. Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Publiziert Wednesday.

The A CDC study has provided the first estimate of omicron shot’s real-world effectiveness against the XBB group of subvariants. Some Scientists warn that the XBB Subvariants could lead to another type of cancer. Covid Wave because they are so adept at evading antibodies that block infection.

For The risk of mild illness from XBB Subvariants in people between 18 and 49 years old was reduced by the omicron boost about 48% within two to three months. The According to the study shots provided 38% protection from mild illness in people aged 50 to 64, and 42% in people 65 years and older.

CDC officials in a conference call with reporters WednesdayAccording to, the study results are encouraging because those who received boosters were more protected than those who didn’t. Protection However, severe illness should be considered more serious.

“It cuts your risk of symptomatic infection in about half at the population level,” Dr. Ruth Link-GellesAccording to a CDC official and co-author of the study on the 18-49 age group,

“What we know from past experience is generally that the vaccines protect better against more severe disease,” Link-Gelles said. “So these are estimates for symptomatic infection and we would expect that similar estimates for hospitalization and death would be higher.”

The The dominance of the XBB.1.5 subvariant in the U.S. is fast rising. It currently represents 49%. Covid These cases are available nationwide. Officials The World Health Organization XBB.1.5 is the most transmissible variant of the virus, although it doesn’t appear to have any mutations which would make people sicker than the other subvariants.

Scientists have discovered that XBB.1.5 has mutations that make it more immune-evasive, and can bind to human cells better. But According to a CDC study, the omicron boosters offer about the same protection against the XBB as the BA.5 or its descendents such as BQ.1 or BQ.1.1.

For Adults aged 18-49 who had received the omicron boost experienced a 52% lower risk of mild illnesses from BA.5 (and its descendants) compared to a 48% reduction for the XBB families.

“We did not see reduced vaccine protection against symptomatic illness for XBB and XBB.1.5 compared with those other recent BA.5 variants,” Dr. Brendan Jackson, the head of the CDC Covid-19 response.

The A study compared people who received the new booster to those who received two to four doses. The The original strain of Omicron BA.5 is targeted by boosters Covid This was discovered in Wuhan, ChinaThe old shots do not target the original virus strain.

People People who have had their first shots only got their last dose approximately 13 months after they received them. They Due to the waning immunity seen with the older vaccines, there was very little protection against mild illnesses. Link-Gelles said. It’s It is too early to make any definitive conclusions regarding the longevity of the protection provided by the omicron boosters, she stated.

“Even though you may have diminished protection over time against symptomatic infection, you’re likely still protected against more severe disease for a longer period of time,” Link-Gelles said.

The Study by the CDC Covid Test results for approximately 29,000 people December Through Jan. 13. During In the same period, XBB.1.5 rose by 2.4% to around 37%. Among Surplus of 13,000 people who tested positive, 78% caught a BA.5 related subvariant and 22% a XBB related subvariant.

The The study didn’t perform a detailed genomic analysis of every positive sample in order to determine the subvariant that caused the infection. InsteadTo determine the likely cause of the infection, scientists used PCR to test for a quark.

While subvariants of BA.5 are affected by a mutation that deletes a virus spike gene, XBB is not affected. If If the gene is found, it is most likely XBB. If it isn’t detected, it is likely to be BA.5 related.

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