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Classified Find documents at Mike Pence’s Indiana Home


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Former Vice President Mike Pence He speaks at an event to promote the new book. Heritage Foundation Think tank October 19, 2022 Washington, DC.

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Lawyers for former Vice President Mike Pence ” “small number” His home was stocked with classified documents. Carmel, Indiana Last week.

Pence’s Lawyers notified National Archives And Records Administration The discovery of WednesdayAccording to CNBC’s letter,

The On the Internet, classified documents were found Jan. 16 after Pence He had an outside counsel who was familiar with handling classified documents. “out of an abundance of caution,” Following the announcement that classified documents had been discovered at President Joe Biden’s Attorney for your home and office Pence According to the Archives. The CNN had reported the discovery earlier. Pence He stated that he didn’t have any classified documents at all on multiple occasions.

Gregory JacobAn attorney at O’Melveny The task of handling Pence’s Records, as stated in a letter Sunday The National Archives The Justice Department FBI agents sent to Pence’s Home at 9:30 p.m. Thursday To retrieve the documents which had been stored in a safe while he was inside, WashingtonDC for the March For Life.

Read Jacob’s Send letters to National Archives here:

Congressional The discovery was made public to the heads of government. Tuesday By Pence’s team.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Two separate special counsels were appointed by the government to investigate. Biden Former President Donald Trump for their handling of classified material.

The White House On Jan. 9 of these documents were found at Penn Biden Center In WashingtonDC Nov. 2 by personal lawyers Biden. The Attorneys were then notified. National ArchivesThe investigation was initiated by the Justice Department. Additional Later, documents were found by Biden’s His home is occupied by attorneys Wilmington, Del. on Dec. 20. This prompted FBI agents to search the house. Friday.

The FBI Justice Department They didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Biden According to reporters Mexico City On Jan. 10 He was “surprised” by the discovery and publication of the documents.

In Interview with CBS News On Jan. Before the documents were discovered at his house, he was 10. “confident” His possession of classified material was not restricted. White House tenure.

“Our staff reviewed all of the materials in our office and in our residence to ensure that there were no classified materials that left the White House or remained in our possession,” Pence said. “I remain confident that that was done in a thorough and careful way. Clearly, in the waning days of the Trump-Pence administration, that process was not properly executed by staff around the president of the United States.”

Pence Submitted Fox Business On Jan. 12. Before classified documents were found at his house, the situation was a “very serious matter.”

“The handling of classified materials and the nation’s secret is a very serious matter and as a former vice president of the United States, I can speak from personal experience about the attention that ought to be paid to those materials when you’re in office and after you leave office,” He told FOX Business. “And clearly that did not take place in this case.”

Republican Sen. Lindsey GrahamS.C. spoke to reporters Tuesday The United States It could be classified as over-classified information. Graham Also, he said that he believed the document crisis was now beyond politics.

“What became a political problem for Republicans has now become a national security problem for the country,” Graham At a news conference Capitol Hill.

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