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Chanakya Niti Time Power To Get Success Achive Goal Chanakya Quotes In Hindi


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Chanakya Niti: Chanakya’s policies are a storehouse of his wonderful knowledge which he has preserved in a collection. The name of this collection is Niti Shastra, Chanakya’s thoughts not only guide the person but also tell the surefire ways to reach heights. The bad habits of a person become the cause of his destruction.

To get success, Chanakya has mentioned that one thing which is the most powerful thing in the world, the one who understood its importance never gets disappointed even when suffering comes and overcomes every difficulty.

Time is the most powerful weapon – Chanakya

Good use of time will lead to success

In this short statement, Chanakya has mentioned the most powerful thing in the world, ‘time’. Time does not differentiate between rich, poor and caste. No matter what happens, time does not stop for anyone. Time is same for all.

Chanakya says that it is time that does not take any time to change the fate of a person. It is very important to take appropriate decisions on time to get success, because only those people who understand the importance of time get success in achieving their goals in life. Those who make good use of time become successful and those who do not respect it keep shaking hands.

Maa Lakshmi showers blessings

Mother Lakshmi is always kind to those who understand the value of time. There is a fixed time for doing every work. Just like students should spend full time in their life in studies, whereas in youth, a person should spend time in completing the work of earning money. People who complete their tasks on time do not postpone them for tomorrow. With full hard work and dedication, he remains dedicated towards fulfilling his target, he never gives up.

time is powerful

Chanakya says that when a person’s time is good, a sense of pride and arrogance starts to arise in him. He forgets the difference between right and wrong and this thing invites his bad times. There comes a time when a person has nothing left but to regret his actions and life comes on the verge of ruin.

Chanakya Niti: These people obstruct success, do not spread your hand in front of them even in bad times

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