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BurntViral -out mansion Zillow post under contract in Franklin, TN


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  • Mike Thakur? Houston resident is currently under contract for a Franklin Mansion severely damaged by fire in last year’s house
  • A Zillow The listing for the mansion became viral last week
  • ThakurThe couple, his wife and their three teenage children will live in the guest house on the property. It was not damaged by the fire.
  • The Families will document the renovations as they occur.

The burnt-out Tennessee Mansion behind A viral Zillow List You can get $1.5 million Now under contract Houston Resident Mike Thakur.

ThakurWhom is it originally from? EnglandTell me. The Tennessean, part USA TODAY Network, he and his family were pondering a move to Nashville The mansion was spotted in an email alert regarding new listings in the region. Zillow.

Two days later, they were under contract for the home – which also comes with about five acres of land and a roughly 2,300-square-foot guest house that was not damaged in the fire.

“Did something a little crazy over the weekend and bought a burned down mansion,” Thakur Instagram post Tuesday.

Mike Thakur put in an offer for this Franklin, Tenn., mansion on Friday and it is now under contract. The mansion was heavily damaged in a 2022 fire.

‘Under contract’

Paula DuvallThe listing was confirmed by, who is also the agent and owner of the listing. Wednesday  Thakur Contract was signed for the mansion. The The sale is not yet over.

Thakur According to him, his wife and the three teenage children he was with saw the listing. Jan. 18, the day before they planned to fly. Nashville To view homes Thakur Reached out to a local real estate agent Sam Miller Set up a tour. After The family visited the mansion. Jan. 20, Thakur The agents were asked to leave the room while they discussed.

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