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Budget Reactions to the markets over the last 10 years by 4 different finance ministers


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In The past, the Budget There have been many reactions to the experiment, from extremes to moderate ones. With Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman She will present her fifth Union BudgetBudgets can have many different expectations.


With The common man is looking for relief from the tax burden, considering persistently high inflation and the forthcoming general elections in 2024. The think tank and corporate houses anticipate the Budget Continue to push for making India A $5 trillion economy, with very little deviation in fiscal policy.

However, The analysis of Budget Day reaction shows that the market has lost six times its value in the past ten years, not counting the interim. Budget. The Same story repeated itself on a one month time frame post the incident Budget Announcement Nifty In the last ten year, value has fallen six times.

MoreoverIt is worth noting that Budget day reaction hasn’t been too extreme, with gains/losses not exceeding 2% in 8 out of the last 10 years. FurtherOn a one month timeframe after the Budget Announcement: Gains/losses not exceeding 6% in seven of the ten most recent years.

Below Here’s a quick overview of the Budget day reaction for the past 10 years:

Budget 2013
In 2013. The UPA government was then in charge Finance Minister P Chidambaram The following are the presented Budget On February 28. It They were disappointed StreetRegistering the worst Budget Day performance since 2009. On The Budget day, Nifty With a loss of about 2%, the end result was lower.

Budget 2014
In 2014, a new government was elected, led by the BJP and then the finance minister. Arun Jaitley The first version of the company’s logo was introduced. Union Budget On July 10. On The Budget day, Nifty A minor selloff was observed, ending the session with a loss 0.2%.

Budget 2015
Then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Presents its second Budget In February 2015. The Market reacted slightly positive to the Budget It ended the session with an increase of 0.7%. HoweverPost Budget, Nifty The stock market experienced a selloff, and it fell by 4.6% over a month.

Budget 2016
The Budget The market did not expect 2016 proposals to be as good as they were, which was reported by Arun Jaitley On February 29. On The Budget day, Nifty Closed with a 0.6% marginal loss Post BudgetThe sentiment changed to be positive. Nifty The strongest gains since 2011 were witnessed by a stronger rally of over 10%.

Budget 2017
In The government has ceased to present a separate document every year since its past tradition. Railway Budget The practice of presenting the document was rescinded. Union Budget At the end February And shifted it to February 1. The Market responded positively and ended budget day with 1.8% gain, which is the highest budget-day gain since 2011-2020.

Budget 2018
Then Minister of Finance Arun Jaitley He presented his final budget February 1, and it was the first Union Budget After the implementation Goods And Services Tax (GST). The Budget It was difficult to lift up the street, and the Nifty The market closed cautiously with a 0.2% loss. The As the election drew near, sentiment was negative Budget Market expectations were not met, which led to a drop of 6% Nifty In a single month, the second-worst month between 2011-2021.

Budget 2019
In Budget 2019, Nirmala Sitharaman As the new finance Minister and the first woman full-time female minister of finance, India. HoweverThe Union Budget The street was not impressed by her inability to clarify the major announcements made during the interim budget’s interim finance minister. The Budget The presentation was made on July 5. Nifty Closing with a loss in excess of 1.1% The With the continued decline in sentiment Nifty A month following the budget announcement saw a loss of 8%, the lowest monthly performance in the period 2011-2021.

Budget 2020
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman It was presented its second Budget On February 1. The Market showed a thumbs-down for the second consecutive week Union BudgetWith Nifty Closing lower by 2.5% on budget day

Budget 2021
After Two consecutively disappointing budgets Nirmala Sitharaman She presented her third. BudgetThe street gave us a huge thumbs up. Nifty This year’s budget day gains were the highest since 1999. This This was the first occasion that the Indian Union Budget It was digitally presented in a ‘Made in India’ Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Budget was presented on 1 February And Nifty Ending the day on a high note, settled 4.7% higher.

Budget 2022
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Delivered the budget on February. The Nifty The index rose for the second consecutive day Budget Day and welcomed the Budget 2022 will be a year of great energy. The Nifty The session closed on a happy note, with 1.4% increase in budget day attendance. HoweverThe sentiment quickly turned bitter and the Nifty This was the fourth worst month, with a loss of 4.5%.

(The author is Head Of Research at Stoxbox)

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