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Bigg Boss 16 After A Fight With Priyanka Angry Shiv Said Do Boys Have No Character | Bigg Boss 16: Shiv angry after the fight with Priyanka, said


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Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss season 16, there are frequent fights between Priyanka and Shiv. Both stick to their point of view and try their best to prove themselves right. In the episode of January 24, Priyanka and Shiv also have a lot of fight and both also make personal comments on each other.

Shiv and Priyanka cross the limits in a fight
In fact, during the task of challenging Nimrit’s captaincy and ticket to finale, there is a lot of debate between Shiv and Priyanka. Both target each other a lot and also make personal comments. During this, Priyanka says that Shiv has spoken dirty about girls. Shiv gets enraged by this and then he has a big fight with Priyanka and she shouts that you do gossiping. You go on girls.

Shiv said that boys don’t have character, do they?
Later Shiva’s mercury reaches the seventh heaven. He is sitting with Nimrit, Stan and Sumbul and targets Priyanka and says that I was good till now, as soon as I opened my mouth, I became dirty. If I speak the truth then my character gets spoiled. Shiv says that if I see with dirty eyes then why do you make me stop the chain from behind my blouse. If I am wrong then why do you hug me. Once you know the hug then why do you come. Shiva says that girls have character. Do boys have no character. Shiv says that I will answer you, don’t play dirty games.

There was a fight between Stan and Priyanka as well.
Later, Priyanka comes and says that Shiv first you said that I had spoken for girls. After this Priyanka says that Shaleen said that you and Stan had spoken very dirty words about the girls when Golden Boys came. On the other hand, Priyanka says that Shiv tell me when did I go on Archana’s character. Shiva says that Archana and you had spoken some words to each other during the fight. After this Shiv and Priyanka sit and talk that they could have talked comfortably as well. Shiva says that if you speak on friends, I will also speak. After this Priyanka says that I was torn when you said that I spoke on Archana’s character, I myself am one of those who silence. After this, there is a fight between Stan and Priyanka as well, Priyanka said that why did Stan say that Ankit had left after telling her the truth. Whereas Stan says that he did not say anything like that.

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