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Big Gap In Carbon Removal Effort Key To Climate Goals


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BERLIN (AP) — Researchers say efforts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere aren’t being scaled up fast enough and can’t be relied on to meet crucial climate goals.

Published report Thursday By scientists Europe And the United States It was found that only 0.1% percent of the 2 Billion metric tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere each and every year is currently being done using new methods. That Compares to roughly 37 billion tons annual CO2 emission.

Most Current greenhouse gas removal can be achieved by planting trees, managing forests, and other natural carbon sinks. These are all under significant threat.

New Carbon removal technologies include “carbon-removal” technology. direct air captureThis is where the CO2 is taken from the atmosphere and stored underground. Another Biochar is a method that involves the burning of plant matter and then placing the carbon-heavy waste underground.

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The Study concludes that to reduce global temperature rise by 2 degrees Celsius, novel carbon removal must be increased 30-fold by 2030 Celsius (3.6 FahrenheitIdeally, not more than 1.5 C (2.7 F), before the end of this century.

Achieving ‘net zero’ emissions by mid-century — a goal many countries are aiming for and experts say is necessary to meet the targets agreed in the 2015 Paris climate accord — would require an increase in carbon dioxide removal by a factor of 1,300 and few countries have realistic plans for doing so, the authors said.

“We are really lagging behind significantly when it comes to carbon removal,” Co-author of the study Jan Minx The Berlin-based Mercator Research Institute On Global Commons And Climate Change.

“If we want a robust strategy to achieve the Paris climate goals then we need to restrict dependence on carbon removal … through rapid and far-reaching emissions reductions,” He said. “But at the same time the expansion and development of carbon removal methods needs to be boosted.”

Oliver Geden The German Institute For International And Security AffairsThe report was also contributed by a third party, who said that natural methods of carbon removal such as reforestation are more cost-effective than artificial ones. But There are limits on how much forest land can be dedicated to forests. Rising temperatures also increase the likelihood that carbon stored in that way may be released again through wildfires.

He The rapid rise in solar and wind power plants is an example of how new technologies can have a tangible impact on efforts to reduce climate change.

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