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Biden Administration creates renters bill-of-rights


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Housing Tenants and rights activists protest outside the offices of the landlord against evictions, and the poor state of their apartments. Broadway Capital In Chelsea, Massachusetts On April 25, 2022.

Brian Snyder | Reuters

The Biden Administration Announcement on Wednesday New actions are being taken to protect renters in the United States, including curbing practices that restrict people’s access to housing and reducing exorbitant rent rises in properties with government-backed loans.

A “Blueprint For more information, please visit: Renters Bill This is Rights” was part of the announcement. It This document outlines a set of principles that the federal government and other entities can follow to implement these principles, which includes “access to safe, quality, accessible and affordable housing” “clear and fair leases.”

“Having the federal government and the White House talk about the need for and endorse a renters’ bill of rights is really significant,” Diane YentelPresident and CEO of The National Low Income Housing Coalition.

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Over According to the Census, 44 million households or 35% of the U.S. population live in rental housing. White House.

While The coronavirus epidemic led to A wave of new protections for renters and aid measures has been introducedIncludes a Historic source of rental assistance For those who were behind, most of the help is gone.

Advocates Renters have long pleaded for the government’s intervention in the affordability crisis. Nearly Half of U.S. renter households are direct. More than 30% Each month, they pay rent and utilities. 900,000 evictions These events were common before the public-health crisis.

Possibly Restricting “egregious rent hikes”

As Part of Wednesday’s announcement Federal Housing Finance Agency Federal mortgage giants Fannie Mae Freddie Mac They say they are looking into the possibility of setting up tenant protections that limit “Rent increases that are egregious“Real estate backed by certain federal loans.

More Federally-financed units make up more than 28% of all national rental units. According A calculation by Urban Institute 2020

Rent These properties are protected “would be the most significant action the federal government could take,” Yentel said.

As A part of the White House The actions Federal Trade Commission It stated that it will investigate ways to increase its authority to take legal action against any practices. “unfairly prevent consumers from obtaining and retaining housing.”

The These practices include persistent eviction information from background reports as well as high application fees, security deposits and high application fees. Yentel said.

The U.S. Department This is Housing Urban Development Also, it stated that it will require rental property owners to provide at most 30 days notice when they intend to terminate a tenant’s lease for nonpayment of rent. The The agency will provide $20 million to the recipients Eviction Protection Grant ProgramThis will allow you to fund non-profits and government agencies that provide legal assistance for low-income tenants who are at risk of being evicted.

Bob PinnegarPresident and CEO of the trade group National Apartment AssociationAccording to, the industry is opposed to increased federal involvement in landlord-tenant relationships.

“Complex housing policy is a state and local issue and the best solutions utilize carrots over sticks,” Pinnegar said.

‘Aggressive Administrative action is essential’

Although These are the steps that were announced by Biden Although they are historic, they will not solve the U.S. housing crisis. Yentel said.

What’s She stated that it was necessary to address the root issues by building more affordable housing, permanent emergency and universal rental aid, and strengthening tenant protections.

However, Yentel It was also added because it is “hard to see where the opportunities for those investments will come from this Congress, aggressive administrative action is so important.”

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