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Bajaj Sales Breakup Dec 2022 Pulsar Platina CT Avenger Dominar Chetak know all details


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The sales of Bajaj Auto in the Indian market are increasing very fast. However, December 2022 saw a slight decrease in demand for all except Pulsar and Chetak. Out of 3,04,778 units sold in December 2021, Bajaj Auto Limited’s two-wheeler sales declined to 2,35,784 units in both domestic and global markets. Two-wheelers include Pulsar, Platina, CT, Dominar and Avenger, while Chetak was the electric scooter that saw the highest growth. A total of 1,22,144 units were sold in December 2022, which was 1.46 percent less than the 1,23,954 units sold in December 2022.

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Bajaj Sales Breakup December 2022

The Pulsar range has a 61.21 percent share in this list. Pulsar 125cc is the most sought after with 40,719 units sold last month. Out of 27,169 units sold in December 2021, a decline of 12 per cent. The Pulsar N160 and Pulsar 200 range sold 9,895 units, while the Pulsar 250 sold 245 units. At number 2 was the Bajaj Platina with a YoY de-growth of 36,157 units of 19.29 percent out of 44,800 units sold in December 2021. Sales of the CT range declined by 25.49 per cent to 6,175 units in December 2021 from 8,288 units sold.

Bajaj Exports Breakup December 2022

The company’s electric scooter Bajaj Chetak performed well. Sales in December 2022 increased by 346.29 percent to 3,249 units as compared to 728 units sold in December 2021. Bajaj plans to sell around 30,000 units of this electric scooter in the domestic markets in 2022. Both the Bajaj Avenger and the Dominar suffered year-on-year declines. Avenger sales declined by 55.74 per cent to 1,054 units from 2,377 units sold in December 2021. Dominar sales dropped 73.42 per cent to 743 units last month as compared to 2,795 units sold in December 2021.

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