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Australia Day Focuses on Black Recognized in constitution – NPR


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Aboriginal Man Josh Sly You can find the Muggera Dancers Prepares a fire for a smoking ritual at the beginning of an Invasion Day Get involved Sydney, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023.

Rick Rycroft/AP

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Rick Rycroft/AP

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Aboriginal Man Josh Sly You can find the Muggera Dancers Prepares a fire to light a candle during the beginning of an ceremony. Invasion Day Get involved Sydney, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023.

Rick Rycroft/AP

CANBERRA, Australia — Australians The 235th anniversary of British Colonialization Thursday A public holiday that provokes anger Indigenous Unjustice is centered on national attention, with a new government push for acknowledgment Australia’s First inhabitants of the constitution.

The Government joined with large corporations in giving employees the option to take a vacation or work. Thursday Recognizing growing public disease about the 1788 hoisting, they took another day off Union Jack at Sydney Cove.

There There are increasing public demands to change the date Australia DayMany people know about this. Indigenous People as Invasion Day Survival DayBecause of their devastating effects on First Nations People who are British Colonists took their land without any treaty.

The Concentrate on Australia’s checkered European History sparked debate Thursday Refer to a referendum that is due in the last quarter of this year and would create an Indigenous The body is also known as the Voice To address Parliament On Indigenous issues.

The Referendum expected to be held between August NovemberIt would enshrine them Voice The constitution.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese We are committed to the referendum of the day his center-left is Labor Party In 2004, the government was elected May Last year.

Albanese He wanted to say that. Indigenous People are recognized as Australia’s Original inhabitants of the constitution, which was in existence since 1901, were not present before next year’s. Australia Day.

“If not now, when will this change occur? And if not the people of Australia this year, who will make this change which will improve our country, improve our national unity?” Albanese Reporters Thursday.

“It is a great country. Australia will be even better when we recognize our First Nations people in our constitution,” He concluded.

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A woman is watching as a dragonfly buzzes by a woman who is attending an event. Invasion Day Get involved Sydney, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023.

Rick Rycroft/AP

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Rick Rycroft/AP

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A dragonfly buzzes past an attending woman Invasion Day Get involved Sydney, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023.

Rick Rycroft/AP

Noel PearsonAnonymous Indigenous The leader and long-time advocate for constitutional change, he said Voice This would be a positive step toward a “settlement between the natives and those who took over the continent and established modern Australia.”

“This year is the most important year in the relationship between the natives of Australia and its so-called settlers in the 235 years since the landing of the First Fleet,” Pearson Submitted Thursday In The Sydney Morning HeraldReferring to the 11 British Ships carrying convicts who have been convicted Sydney As a penal colony.

But Reactions to Voice Mixed, including between Indigenous leaders.

Jacinta Nampijinpa PriceAnonymous Indigenous Senator for the Conservative Nationals opposition to the Voice. Her She is supported by the party Voice Would divide Australia along racial lines.

Lidia ThorpeAnonymous Indigenous Senator for the Progressive Greens Party, on Wednesday Threatened to resist the Voice Except if the referendum question acknowledges that traditional owners have never given up their land.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton He said that his conservative Liberal Party Need more information about the Voice Before they could decide whether or not to support constitutional changes, they would need to know what that meant.

“As you move around the community, it’s quite obvious that people don’t understand what it is that the prime minister’s talking about,” Dutton According to reporters

“They understand that changing the constitution is a big deal and, instinctively like me and like millions of Australians, we want a better outcomes for Indigenous Australians,” He concluded.

Indigenous Australians They make up 3.2% of the national population and are the nation’s most disadvantaged ethnic groups. They You will live longer than others AustraliansThese people are less educated, more likely to get a job, and more likely than others to end up in prison.

They They were not permitted to vote in federal elections until 1962. Australian The courts didn’t acknowledge that their ancestors legally owned the land until 1992, but they were acknowledged by the courts. British arrived.

Australia Day Celebrations Thursday You are centered on Sydney HarborThe attraction included an annual race for historic sailing vessels.

SeparatelyIn downtown, there were thousands of people. Sydney To commemorate the 85th Anniversary of the original Mourning Day Protest in 1938, when demonstrators demanded citizen rights. Indigenous Australians.

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