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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Chhoti Anu Will Upset With Anupama And Anuj Kapadia And She Ran Away To Meet Maya Know More Details


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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: ‘Anupama’ is the number one show on TV. These days a big twist has come in the show ‘Anupama’, which is being liked by the audience. In the latest track, Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia are trying their best to bring back Chhoti Anu, the Maya who stormed their lives. On the other hand, it has been read that Maya has such a great effect on little Anu that even in fever she takes the name of Maya.

Younger Anu insists again and again that she has to meet Maya. In the last episode (Anupamaa Latest Episode), Maya promises little Anu that she will come to Kapadia house to meet her. Little Anu waits for him. He also has fever. Anuj and Anupama are very worried about little Anu. Now in the coming episodes it will be seen that before meeting Maya, an accident will happen with little Anu.

Maya Shah enters the house

Actually, in the upcoming episode (Anupamaa Today Episode), Maya will go to Shah family before going to Kapadia house. Kavya invites him to her house. As soon as Maya Shah enters the house, Baa and Vanraj Shah’s air flies away. Baa taunts Maya in gestures. Also tries to know about his personal life, but Maya does not tell him anything and leaves from there. Baa feels that Maya is going to play some big trick.

Little Anu survives by becoming a victim of an accident

On the other hand, in the Kapadia house, little Anu will wait for Maya and she will keep taking Maya’s name again and again. Anupama will get irritated hearing Maya’s name again and again from little Anu’s mouth. Shouting at him, she will go to the kitchen to cook for him and Anuj will follow her. Meanwhile, little Anu will leave the house in anger and run away. The entire Kapadia house including Anupama and Anuj will go out to find him. Meanwhile, Chhoti Anu will come in front of the car and the interesting thing will be that both Anupama and Maya come together to save Chhoti Anu. Little Anu is saved and Maya and Anupama heave a sigh of relief seeing her safe and sound.

Maya will tell the truth to little Anu

In Friday’s episode (Anupamaa Upcoming Episode), it will be shown that Maya will tell her reality to little Anu. She will tell younger Anu that she is her biological mother. She will ask him to take her to his house. Now it has to be seen whether younger Anu will go with Maya or not and how Anuj and Anupama will deal with it.

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