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Ankit Gupta To Fahmaan KhanTelevision Stars Send Their Best Wishes On Republic Day! | Television News


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New Delhi: India It celebrates its 74th birthday Republic Day tomorrow, January 26. On The special occasion saw many TV celebrities, including Ankit Gupta, Neha Rana, Fahmaan Khan They share their patriotic stories with others and wish their fans all the best. Read On

Ankit Gupta Who will assume the role? Jahaan COLORS ‘Junooniyatt’ Says: “I think.” Republic Day It can be a great place to start for anything important one would like for the country. It This could be as simple a thing as telling your child the significance of this day or organizing an event to clean up after it. This Day takes me back in time to my childhood. We Never treat this day as a vacation. We I would be willing to wait for the flag raising and then return home to enjoy patriotic movies. All the citizens of India, my love, as they work to make the nation proud.”

Neha Rana Who will assume the role? Elahi COLORS ‘Junooniyatt’ Says, “I’m proud of the comprehensive constitution in our country. I am proud to come from a country with such great leaders. I have great memories of spending this day watching patriotic movies at home with my family as a kid.”

Samridhi Shukla Assuming the role Saavi Nityam in COLORS’ ‘Saavi Ki Savaari’ says, “The flag-hoisting that used to happen in our society is the most precious childhood memory I have of Republic Day.  I recall how much we enjoyed waiting under the flag as petals fell on us so we could try to catch them in our palms. We learned about the significance of this day much later. This Republic Day, I intend to continue the tradition of spending time with my family and watching the parade. Happy Republic Day to all of India’s citizens!”

Fahmaan Khan essaying the role of Ravi in COLORS’Dharam Patnii’ says, “Republic Day takes me back to the parade that we used to have in school.  It makes me very happy and nostalgic to see kids rush to school to raise the flag, sing patriotic songs, and watch patriotic films. The pride and enthusiasm that I see in the kids make me very hopeful about the future of our nation. I’m grateful to be living in a country that was built on the work of legislators who ensured that every citizen feels a sense of belonging. Here’s hoping that we respect our motherland and get on our way to making our people proud.”

Aurra Bhatnagar Assuming the role Durga in COLORS” ‘Durga Aur Charu’ shares, “On Republic Day, I look forward to going to school and participating in fun activities like singing and dancing to patriotic songs. All of us in school eagerly wait for flag hoisting and buying trinkets on the way home. I like reading about the great leaders who have shaped our nation on this day.”

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