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AK Doval Expected to Visit Moscow In February For Afghanistan dialogue


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National Security advisor AK Doval Is expected to visit Moscow Next month: Regional dialogue Afghanistan. Doval will also be able to hold con.n rights situation.

India In 2021, this dialogue was held. Tajikistan In 2022. Last month, India Also hosted Central Asian NSAs Special focus on Afghanistan.

The Moscow dialogue on Afghanistan This will prove to be very useful. India’s SCO presidency Concern is raised about the security situation in the country that is landlocked and the terror infrastructure. Eurasian Actors include IndiaET was informed by people who are familiar with the subject.

The Moscow Visit will also offer Doval Opportunity to meet Patrushev ET is one of his counterparts. This This will be an excellent exercise. India’s SCO presidency. India The SCO NSAs meeting will be held in the city of Vancouver, just before the summit. June.

Doval last visited Moscow In 2022, bilateral dialogue was a major driver of strategic and economic partnership. Bilateral trade.

In This was an important, but low-profile visit that was nonetheless very significant last year. Doval And PatrushevHe reviewed the progress made on regional and bilateral issues regarding the situation with his friend, who shares a strong chemistry. Afghanistan, energy security and defence ties, counterterrorism, and the status war in UkraineET then reported. Patrushev is one of the most trusted confidantes Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The agenda includes a key item Doval’s Visit last year was defence ties which included maintenance and servicing Russian-origin equipment in India. Russia It has been appreciated India’s A neutral and balanced position Ukraine. Russia Has become India’s Largest supplier of crude oil.

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