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Air sirens heard across Ukraine Red alert declared air force shot down Russian missiles and drones


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Russia-Ukraine war: America has announced to send 31 M1 Abrams battle tank to Ukraine facing Russian attack. Meanwhile, Russia has fired more missiles at Ukraine. Ukraine also claimed to have shot down two Russian missiles and drones in retaliation. Along with this, air red alert has also been issued in the whole country and people have been asked to take shelter in safe places. According to media reports, the sound of red sirens was heard in many cities of Ukraine throughout the night.

On Thursday, senior Ukrainian officials said air defense systems were shooting down Russian missiles, issuing a nationwide air raid alert. The governor of Mykolaiv, Vitaly Kim, said on the Telegram messaging app that two Russian missiles had been spotted in the Mykolaiv area.

“Russian missiles are flying inside Ukrainian airspace. At least two missiles were seen passing through the Mykolaiv region to the northwest,” he said. In view of this, the authorities of Ukraine have asked people to take refuge in safe places.
“The first Russian missiles have been shot down,” said the head of the presidential office, Andrey Ermak.

Russia has continued to target critical infrastructure in Ukraine through missile and drone attacks since October. The Russian attacks have caused widespread power outages in Ukraine during the winter.

DTEK, Ukraine’s biggest private power producer, said it was carrying out emergency shutdowns in the capital Kyiv and its surrounding region and the regions of Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk due to the threat of a missile attack.

Here, Ukraine’s military has claimed that its anti-aircraft defenses have shot down all 24 drones sent by Russia overnight. Fifteen of these drones were shot down around the capital city of Kyiv. There are no reports of any casualties in this action.

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