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75 silly and sweet ideas Valentine’s Day Jokes, pick-up lines, and card ideas


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Got A sweetheart is this Valentine’s Day? Want Send witty cards or ask your crush to tell you something clever. Maybe You are looking for the perfect pun in your caption Galentine’s Day Photo of friends. 

Whether This is the place to be if you are single or in a relationship. Feb. 14, we’ve got you covered with jokes, hilariously terrible pickup lines and card ideas to celebrate the day of love.

Treat Your friends13 cute Galentine’s Day They’ll love the gifts you give them

Valentine’s Day 2023:When Is it a holiday?

Valentine’s Day jokes

  • Why do skunks love Valentine’s Day? Because they’re scent-imental animals!
  • Why shouldn’t you fall in love with a pastry chef? They’ll dessert you.
  • What Did one snake speak to the other? Valentine’s Day? Give Honey, I’d love to give you a hug and a hiss.
  • Why Are you considering getting your partner kittens? Valentine’s Day A good idea? It’s the purr-fect gift.
  • What Did the paperclip ever say anything to the magnet? You are very attractive.
  • Who Always has a date Valentine’s Day?
  • How Was the phone a proposal to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? He It was a ring that she received.
  • What What did one toast piece say about the other? Valentine’s Day? You’re my butter half.
  • What Which flower should you never give? Valentine’s Day? A cauliflower!
  • Why didn’t the skeleton want to celebrate Valentine’s Day? His heart wasn’t in it.
  • What What happened to the Angels who got married They Lived happily ever after.
  • What’s Cupid’s favorite band? Kiss! 
  • Who Always has a date Valentine’s Day? A calendar.
  • Why couldn’t the mineral water ever score a date? All His friendships were entirely plat-tonic. 
  • What’s the best part about Valentine’s Day? The Every day, all the chocolate is on sale.
  • What After agreeing to have dinner, did one prune say anything to the other? It’s a date!
  • Why Did every fruit ask for the banana to be theirs? Valentine? It It was very a-peel’ing.
  • What Did one Bloody Mary Say one thing to the other Valentine’s Day? Olive you. 
  • What What does a chef do for their spouse? Valentine’s Day? A hug and a quiche. 
  • What What did one flame say about the other? Valentine’s Day? We’re a perfect match!
  • What What did the baker tell his wife? Valentine’s Day? Give I would like some sugar.
  • What’s a paper cut’s favorite song on Valentine’s Day? Bleeding Love.
  • What What did the almond say to the cashew to ask? I’m nuts about you! 
  • Why Did the officer from police lock her up? Valentine? For Stealing her heart.
  • Which Flowers and squirrels share each other’s affections Valentine’s Day? Forget-me-nuts.
  • What What should you tell your single friends? Valentine’s Day? Happy independence day!
  • What’s the difference between a $20 steak and a $55 steak? Feb. 14. 
  • What Is that what you would call a blossoming love in a fish tank Guppy love.
  • What Does a vampire call his own? Valentine? His ghoul-friend.
  • What Did one molecule have a message for the other? We’ve got great chemistry!
  • What Did the flower speak to his unrequited affection? I love you once, and floral.

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